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Meet The TMT Crew, Floyd Mayweather's Bodyguards Who Earn $150,000 Per Annum!

It's not for nothing that Floyd Mayweather's is called the 'Money Man.'

The guy is loud and can afford the finest things of life that money can buy, including security.

And speaking of security, have you seen Mayweather's body's before? Totally huge guys!

Standing in the midst of these 'hulks', the superstar boxer looks like a school boy.

Mayweather's Bodyguards are so large and scary looking, you'd think they'd stop a bus with one hand.

The bodyguards, aside from offering protection, also doubt as PAs for the boxer. They go on errands and carry cash for him, as he prefers having cash at hand wherever he goes.

Mayweather has been known to carry up to $250k in cash.

The bodyguards have impressive build, at 7ft tall each and weighing almost 2 pounds Combined. Thats a mountain of defence there.

The size requirement is very important, considering Mayweather's status as a heavyweight and the possibility that there could be people onto him.

Oh, yes; to be on the TMT and have the responsibility of the protecting the most flamboyant and richest boxer of all time, you got to be ready to punch people and bash a few heads if occassion demands.

And for their efforts to keep Floyd Mayweather safe, the bodyguards earn up to $150,000 per annum.

Not bad, right?

Well, that shouldnt be a problem. With these guys nearby, who would want to mess with Mayweather?

Would you dare?



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