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Opinion: All Manchester United Fans Should Abandon Red Devil And Do This

Following the outcome of the FA Cup Match Between Chelsea And Manchester United, 19th July 2020, I advise all Manchester United fans to join Chelsea. I'm one and have already done that. This Chelsea team is really a great team. They know what they want and how to get it.

It's rare this day to find a club that can do what Chelsea did in that Old Trafford. Oh, dear United, ball possession is not winning of games. And to you dear Ole Gunner, learn your lessons, always execute your game with already tested and trusted. You just decided to sacrifice your victory at the alter of trial and error.

The decision to play Odion Ighalo as a substitute has cost you the match. A player that have scored four goals in six-match, what else do you want to see to always start him. I'm leaving or rather I have left because you are a heartbreaker.

You have actually decided to repeat your heartbreaking spree back to back. We didn't ask you to win trophies. The only gift we want is to see you in the champion league, we will continue giving our supports to you. All we get always is a disgrace.

I'm yet to overcome the shame, the banter, the jest I got and still getting from Chelsea fans. I have decided to join them since I cannot beat them.

The most painful part of the lost is that I lost a huge amount on coupon. I'm losing weight right now. I don't even know how I'm able to get my acts together to put these lines down. It's like I'm a genius to be able to do this. I have decided to join Chelsea and also advice my former fellow to join me.

The reason, I will be supporting those who know what is at stake, that's Chelsea. Those who know that they are accountable to their fans, Chelsea is the club. But... are they really accountable to us? Yes because we get nothing but excitement watching them, yet we pay money to viewing centres operators weekly to watch them.

We actually deserve some accolades. Do you know that footballers only play because they are paid? The love fans have for football is greater than the one footballer has for the round leather game. We are the heroes in the game.

To buttress the point, Ronaldo left Manchester United to Real Madrid and now Juventus, because his conditions were not met. He had to leave for new deals in another club. Tell me who love football more.

I have left Manchester United to Chelsea and I urge other fans to join me. The Red Devil have disappointed us so much. Imagine loosing this Champion League slot like breeze and now our only hope of silverware this season; FA Cup. So painful.

Let us look at how they lost this Match. Pogba and Ighalo were brought in at the wrong time. Soldjar would have brought the duo in the first half, preferably, starting them.

They lost the half field to Chelsea just before the end of the match and went ahead to loose, 3 goals to 1. It was so devastating loosing in that margin at the Old Trafford. Let me rest my pen

As a football fan, what do you think about the lost by United? Can you point out those mistakes you think cost the Red Devils the chance possible FA cup victory this season? Hit me at the comment, also share and like.

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