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"We Will Protest If We Don't Get Our Phones"-Nigerian Athletes Cry Out Over Injustice

The Nigerian Athletes and it's official at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games have been at each other's head over a Samsung phone that was giving to each athletes from different countries that participated, the phones were handed over to them by Samsung.

The phone which is Identified as a Samsung S20+ 5G was given to them by Samsung who is amongst those that sponsored the Olympic games. This particular Samsung phone is worth over $1,000 and it was given to each and every one of the athletes at the game.

There is actually a procedure that the athletes were meant to follow in other to collect the phones, the athletes were supposed to go to the Samsung office that is located in Tokyo and then get scanned with their Olympic accreditation tag and that is when they would be given the phone. Instead of allowing the athletes go through this procedure, the Nigerian Team went ahead to collect all the phones on behalf of all the Nigerian athletes.

On Wednesday, 10 Nigerian athletes got disqualified from the Tokyo games by the Athletics Integrity unit, they were disqualified from taking part in the field and track events. After the athletes got disqualified, the Nigerian Officials did not give them their own Samsung phones. It is normal for each athlete to get a Samsung phone, but the Nigerian Officials refused to give the disqualified ones because they are no longer participating.

There is no rule like that which says disqualified athletes do not get gifts, the rule actually says that as far as you have been accredited as an Olympic athlete, you are supposed to get one phone as your right. One of the Individual explained that the Nigerian Officials have decided to hold on to the phone. One of the athlete also said that if they don't get their phones they will go ahead and protest.

The athletes further said that it was the incompetence of the Nigerian Officials that caused their disqualification, he also blamed it on the incompetence of the federation and it's ministry. The athlete also said the Officials should have done everything right to ensure that atleast 3 out of the 10 test for the competition was complete. 

Hopefully the other athletes are given their Samsung phones because they deserve it, as long as other athletes from the other teams have gotten their own the Nigerian athletes should not be denied their rights either.

Source- Punch Newspaper

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