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Arsenal Tattoos, Ideas, Designs, Sleeve, Arm, Quotes & Football

Ideas For Arsenal Tattoos

Arsenal Tattoo Ideas, Designs, Images, Sleeve, Arm, Quotes & Football! It’s not always easy to get good ideas for Arsenal tattoos. Here we try to give you some Arsenal tattoos ideas by showing you different football design ideas of Arsenal tattoos.

There are some pretty cool Arsenal tattoo designs out there. It almost makes me want to go and get one right now! So here are all the best Arsenal tattoos and Arsenal tattoo designs:

Pictures And Images Of Arsenal Tattoos With The Old Logo

As you can see, the older Arsenal crest comprised of the smaller cannon in the centre with a yellow text. In 1949, the new crest was designed by Bob Wall and Jack Crayston displaying the new motto at the foot of the logo.

This is one of the classic designs but if you want the oldest and first Arsenal logo, check below –

Arsenal Tattoos Back

Here you can see several images and pictures with Arsenal tattoos on the back:

Arsenal Tattoos Sleeve

Here you can see several images and pictures with Arsenal tattoos on the sleeve:

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Perhaps you would like to take inspiration from our very won, Lucas Torreira. Or you can browse through a few of the ideas below:

How about this one wrapped around your forearm?

Arsenal Tattoos Sleeve

Or this one on the inside of your bicep?

Coolest Arsenal Tattoos

Our boy, Hector Bellerin is a fan of the sleeve tattoo as well! Here take a look:

Arsenal Tattoos Hector Bellerin

Arsenal Football Tattoos

Here is a great Arsenal football tattoo in a sleek caligraphic font.

Another Arsenal Tattoo!

Designs For Arsenal Tattoos

Here are some designs for Arsenal tattoos:

Arsenal Tattoos Arm

Here you can see several images and pictures with Arsenal tattoos on the arm:

Arsenal Tattoos Arm

Arsenal Tattoos Arm

Arsenal Tattoos Calf

Here you can see several images and pictures with Arsenal tattoos on the calf:

Arsenal Tattoos Calf

Arsenal Tattoos Leg

Arsenal Tattoo Quotes

Here you can see several images and pictures of Arsenal tattoos with quotes:

Arsenal tattoo quotes: “Play for the name on the front of the shirt and they’ll remember the name on the back.”

It was said by the one and only, legendary Gunner, Tony Adams aka, Mr. Arsenal.

Arsenal Tattoos Quotes Tony Adams

Arsenal tattoo quotes: “Victoria Concordia Crescit”

It is Arsenal’s motto and is ingrained into the club’s crest. Over the years there have been plenty of variations of the translation from Latin but all of them roughly mean the same, which is “Victory Grows Through Harmony”.

It is believed that the motto was created by the former editor of the Arsenal programme, Harry Homer also known as the “Marksman”. While penning down the final programme of the 1947-48 season, he was quoted to have come up with the idea. He decided to put it to the board who accepted it and put on print immediately.

Arsenal tattoo quotes: “He is not bigger than Arsenal but Arsenal are bigger because of him”.

To pay homage to the one man who lead us for 22 years, Arsene Wenger. He also is the most successful manager in the club’s history.

Some Arsenal Tattoos Of Arsenal Players

Here we have tattoos of different Arsenal players both former and current dedicated to them:

Arsenal Tattoos Of Arsenal Players: Dennis Bergkamp

Arsenal Tattoos Of Arsenal Players Dennis Bergkamp

This tattoo is dedicated to obviously Arsenal legend, Dennis Bergkamp. The quote on the top by Robin Van Persie is a very true derivation of what the man stood for in the sport of football. It is only a small gesture to get his picture inked in the form of physical art.

Arsenal Tattoo Of Arsenal Players: Pat Rice

Arsenal Tattoos Of Arsenal Players Pat Rice

Here is a graphical representation of record Arsenal appearance maker and former assistant coach, Pat Rice.

Arsenal Tattoos Of Arsenal Players Mesut Ozil

Not too bad an idea to get the Ozil tattoo on your body especially with the ink dripping down on the lower end. Just make sure to change the jersey number to 10!

Arsenal Players With Tattoos

Here are images of a few Arsenal players with tattoos. Athletes are often seen sporting graffiti all over their bodies and Arsenal players are no different to the trend.

Hector Bellerin’s Tattoos

Mesut Ozil’s Tattoos

Arsenal Tattoos Of Arsenal Players Mesut Ozil

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s Tattoos

Aaron Ramsey’s Tattoos

Lucas Torreira’s Tattoos

Arsenal Tattoos Lucas Torreira

Arsenal’s new Uruguayan midfielder who signed from Sampdoria in the summer of 2018 believes the body art sums up many different things about him.

When asked about what it means, he said, “I just had it done because I liked it. It’s true that a lion represents strength and the spirit we Uruguayans have inside, but I am also a tattoo lover. I liked this tattoo from the moment I saw it.”

“Yes, I chose it for the strength that is in it. It also represents what I am on and off the pitch and my family. This tattoo puts many things together.”

Thierry Henry’s Tattoos

Former Arsenal player, Thierry Henry has filled up both his arms with tattoos which are reminiscent of historical structures in the New York, United States of America after playing for the New York Red Bulls towards the end of his playing career.

They range from the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the streets of New York and his daughter, Tea. The tattoos understandably have been done up by BangBangNYC who have worked with Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Adele.

Which Arsenal tattoos are your favourite? The ones with the club motto in bright red is my favorites.

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