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What A Handsome Fellow: Look At Photos Of Rey Mysterio Without His Mask

A lot of people have anticipated a revealed picture showing the name of the heavyweight wrestler, Oscar Gutierrez, who's is popularly known on stage and professionally as Rey Mysterio.

He is well loved by most avid viewers of the WWE shows, because of his skills and the dexterity with which he adopts to defeat his opponents during any fight. Surprisingly, our darling fighter was not always masked when he began his career as a wrestler, he always showed his face to the crowd that came to watch him fight.

Before he became prominent in the wrestling world, Rey Mysterio was not always convering his face with a mask. He always go to his fights without any mask on his face until he suddenly started employing the obstructing designs to cover his face.

Below are some of his pictures before he began to use masks:

To explain this action of the wrestler, a lot of fans have proposed that he was trying to shield his face from the fans and opponents to avoid getting attacked in the streets or having to sign autographs for fans who recognised him outside the show. 

However, an explanation by 'SchoolSark' revealed that Rey Mysterio is an el-luchador, it further explained that being a Mexican-American also makes it expected for him to bring in some of those aspects to his descent to the pro wrestling persona. It also received that Masks are symbolic of the character that the wrestler is playing- animals, old heroes, mythical beings etc.

In my own explanation, I believe Rey Mysterio was exhibiting the characteristics of distinction, he wanted to be different from other wrestlers, he needed to stand out and create a symbol of recognition for himself and wearing a mask exactly does that. 

Mysterio is not the first to try something new with wrestling, the likes of Undertaker, who comes to fight venues in a coffin or, others who come to fight with worms continually being eaten by, some wrestlers even come to stage with ordinary pants.

Ever since he made the decision to cover his face during his fights, Rey Mysterio, has been targeted by various wrestlers to unmask him and reveal his face the public during any official fight, but most have failed because of the cunning and dexterous skills Rey fights with on stage. 

The first and last person to succeed with this was Randy Orton. During their fight sometimes ago, Randy Orton unmasked Rey Mysterio on stage as can be seen in the picture above and that was how the people saw his face on stage for what seems like the first time.

Below are some of his handsome pictures without a mask

Seeing his real face without the mask, everyone were baffled and confused why he hid his face with a mask in the first place. Believe me the fellow is very handsome and there was no form of defect on his face which could have been another reason he uses mask.

In your own opinion, why do you think Rey Mysterio decided to use a mask when he is very handsome without one? Do you think it's just for the fashion or you agree with my opinion?

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