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Wrestling Fans: Checkout These Interesting In Ring Photos of Brock Lesnar

Brock Edward Lesnar is an American Professional wrestler and Former mixed martial artist and a football player. Brock was born on the 12th of July, 1977. He is highly regarded in WWE because of his second to none dominance in the ring.

Personally, as a wrestling fan, I never miss any match of Brock Lesnar because of the action and dominance he brings to the table. Brock Lesnar is also one of the best MMA fighter and one of the highest paid superstars in WWE. This feat wasn't achieved in a day, he is just so good and no wrestling fan would dispute that fact.

In this article, we are going to having a look at the various in ring action photos of Brock Lesnar that you will certainly enjoy if you are a wrestling fan.

1. This is Brock Lesnar about to start a heated battle with Roman Reigns (the big dog)

2. Brock Lesnar delivering a thunderous F5 on Roman Reigns. This is actually the moat interesting aspect. I enjoy watching him deliver F5 to other wrestlers.

3. Dean Ambrose paying a painful visit to suplex city. Every wrestling fan can relate.

4. Triple H taking some painful strokes from the Kimura lock.. this is one of the most dreaded moves of Brock Lesnar

5. On the announcement table. That was really painful

6. Delivering some strong blows to John Cena. I couldn't watch this match because of how bloody it was.

7. They must all go to suplex-city.

8. Brock Lesnar putting a sad end to the streak of the dead man (Undertaker).

9. Roman reigns paying an interesting visit to suplex-city

10. Funny suplex city visit.

11. Goodnight John Cena.

12. Collecting a taste of his own medicine from John Cena

Only wrestling fans would understand the pictures above, so if you are not one don't bother asking us questions in the comment section.. If you are a wrestling fan, just drop a comment below and I will also reply in an interesting way.

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