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6 Footballers You Probably Won’t Know By Their Nickname

Football as a sport has grown to a very large extent over the years. The players involved have become icons, gaining different nicknames.

Just like the way we earn nicknames or give others nicknames, it is the same in football. The players become so adored by the fans or the teammates that they get a nicknames.

We have heard of the likes of Zizou (Zinedine Zidane), Der Bomber (Gerd Muller) and even the great Pele (Edson Arantes do Nascimento).

Nicknames will never end in football. However, there are some footballers you may not know just by hearing their nicknames.

Let us see who they are.

1. David Beckham

Image Source: Futbolred

David Robert Joseph Beckham is the co-owner of Salford City and the current President and co-owner of Inter Miami CF.

His nickname is "Spice Boy". This nickname was gotten because of his wife, Victoria Beckham. She is among a Pop music group called the "Spice Girls".

Being a Spice Girl, her husband becomes a Spice Boy. It all makes sense now.

However, not many people know David Beckham as Spice Boy. His other nickname is Golden Balls.

2. Luis Suarez

Image Source: SportsBeezer

The legendary Uruguay and Atletico Madrid striker has a lot of nicknames. Most of his nicknames are relatively unknown, but you can call him El Pistolero.

Many fans think that the nickname was given to him because of the time he bit his opponents, but it actually means "gunfighter".

His other nickname, El Conejo means "The Rabbit", because of the shape of his teeth that many condo to be cute.

3. Alex Morgan

Image Source: Daily Express

Alex Morgan is known as one of the greatest USA female footballers of all time. Her nickname is "Baby Horse".

Not many people know this name. It was given to her by her USA teammates when she joined the national team.

She was called “baby” because she was the youngest in the team and “horse” because of her long legs and how the ran on the pitch.

4. Fernando Torres

Image Source: Planet Football

Torres is one of the players that light up football in the 2010’s. A lot of people don’t know that his nickname is “El Niño”, which means “The Kid”.

He started training with Atletico Madrid’s senior team at age 16, and everyone called him “El Niño” because of how young he was.

5. Cristiano Ronaldo

Image Source: Sky Sports

Global football superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo has many nicknames, but the one many people may not know about is “O Robo”.

O Robo means “The Robot”. It was given to Cristiano Ronaldo due to the stiff pattern of running. Ronaldo’s main nickname, CR7 is currently a brand that he built and is used as a face for his chain of businesses.

Ronaldo is also called “El Comandante” after he became the captain of the Portuguese national team.

6. Lionel Messi

A lot of Leo Messi’s fan boys may not even be aware that the Argentine captain is nicknamed “La Pulga”.

The name “La Pulga” means “The Atomic Flea”.

It symbolizes his small stature and how he can cause havoc in an opposition’s defence.

From a young age, Messi had a small stature and a growth problem, so people associated his dazzling talent and his body stature to the name “La Pulga”.

Messi has a lot of other nicknames like “Herculeo”, relating to Greek Demi-god Hercules.

What do you think about these nicknames? Drop your comments.

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