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10 Wrestlers Who Were Abused Backstage

WWE superstars and other pro wrestlers may be intimidating in the ring but backstage, they are normal human beings with emotions and feelings.

Living the career of a professional wrestler comes with a lot of challenges and hassles along the way.

Not only do you have to try your hardest to stay in shape and rise through the roster, but you also have to deal with backstage politics. The following ten Superstars were all treated unfairly backstage.

Much of this treatment was unjust and dramatically changed their careers in the ring.

Read through to see how former WWE Champions, Legends, and Divas have suffered at the hands of bullying and unfair treatment. This includes bad treatment from fellow wrestlers like JBL and even some of the head bosses like Vince McMahon and Triple H. These stories include shocks, little known facts, and a look back at crazy times in the locker room. Learn about the true backstory stories that led to rumors, firings, and some of the most controversial stories in wrestling history.

Here are wrestlers who are unfairly treated backstage.

10. Matt Hardy

For many years, Lita was not just only Matt Hardy's on-screen assistant, they were couple in real life whose relationship was turn apart when Lita had an affair with Edge.

The revelation of this affair sent Hardy into madness and caused him to get fired over Edge. Luckily, the fans spoke up about the unfair firing, helping Hardy get his job back with the WWE and showcasing the wrong doing on WWE sport.

9. Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston has kept his on-screen career pretty low-key until he decided to get into a match with his boss, 'Vince McMahon'. As the two began trading words, Vince insulted him by saying, "maybe now, you will finally get over". It fully became real as the two wrestled together on the ground.

Vince McMahon got a laughter and just walked away. However, It was strange and rude treatment to get from your own boss.

8. Chyna

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon may have betrayed the authority in more recent years. But they were showing glimpses of their power backstage in the early 2000. After Triple H left Chyna to be with Stephanie McMahon, the dynamic backstage completely changed for Chyna as she was treated poorly and eventually fired due to the uncomfortable situation.

However, Chyna spoke out on this treatment several times after she had left the WWE.

7. Mickie James

WWE backstage officials thought that Mickie James have put on a few pounds and didn't represent the look they wanted for a woman's champion. This all led to an unusual storyline were Mickie James was openly mocked and referred to as "Piggy James".

Despite going along with the story, James has stated that this is a very hard time for her and led to a lot of uncomfortable situations backstage.

6. Chris Masters

When Chris Masters debut in the WWE, he was built and muscular. He left for several months due to a pain killer addiction. And he appeared much slimmer upon his return. Instead of receiving praise for getting cleaned, Masters was openly mocked for his slimmer look by both JBL and Triple H. The bully actually took it turn and Masters' career was never the same as he was released from his WWE contract.

5. CM Punk

CM Punk spent years getting mistreated by the WWE. They gave him titles only to take them away. It took a long time for him to rise through the rings of the roaster. He was constantly battling with the WWE medical staff over injuries. But time came when Punk walked out on the WWE as the company finally granted his release in his own wedding day just to stick it to him further.

4. Vader

Vader may be one of the most intimidating superstars in the WWE but backstage, he suffered some heavy bullying in the hands of Shawn Michaels.

During their time together in the WWE, Michaels was extremely critical of Vader in the ring. He would openly screamed of Vader, threatened to have him fired and even reduced the man to tears.

He's out of place during Shawn's powerful backstage days as the leader of the kliq.

3. Judas Devlin

You may not have heard of Judas Devlin, but he was one of the many risings stars in WWE development.

Devlin decided to speak publicly about the tribune news receiving from former WWE trainer Bill DeMott. Devlin claimed that he was verbally abused, physically attacked and that DeMott will often scream homophobic words at the training wrestlers. However Bill DeMott was fired for his actions and Delvin no longer trains with the company.

2. Rene Dupree

Rene Dupree was slowly making progress for himself on the raw roster. Then he was traded for smackdown brand where his career completely changed.

For three years, He was miserable on smackdown due to the actions of JBL, as JBL will constantly verbally abuses this star making fun of him. He even used homophobic terms to attacked the superstar.

Dupree left the company and never looked back because of his treatment in the locker room.

1. William Regal

William Regal is a classically trained wrestler. He has competes all over the world. When Regal wrestled in a match against Goldberg, he decided to put some of his moves to the test.

Goldberg was completely thrown half guard and furious after the match ended. Because he had done mostly 90-second matches until that point, so this was unfamiliar territory for him as he felt embarrassed. As a result, Regal was fired from the WCW and quickly joined the WWE.

Who knew that having new wrestling talent will cause you to loose your job as a wrestler.

Were you shocked to hear any of these backstage stories?

Let us know in the comments section.

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