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25 Amazing Facts Of The World You Never Knew Was True

Some of the most amazing facts that maybe you probably don't know anything about, did you know that the movie titanic (1997) cost more to make than the actual ship that sank

Did you know? Jaguars have such powerful jaws that they kill their prey by biting into the brain directly through the skull

You can die from fear because the body release a big amount of adrenaline which can be toxic in amounts

Bees will get drunk, when alcohol is available and bouncers at the hive will refuse to let them in until they're sober

Until 1974, it was illegal to appear in public in the city of Chicago if you were ugly or deform

Secretly thinking you are better than everyone else is good for your mental health

These species od frogs have translucent skin, so you can see through them and they are call glass frogs

After Michael Jackson's death in 2009,his sister found a hard drive which contained more than 1000 unreleased songs

Never believe that the lines on your palm predict your future, because people who don't have hand also have future

Did you know that mount kailash has not been climb by any man?

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