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My husband wants me out of the house because I supported Arsenal(Fiction)

My name is Stella Kareem. I'm a teacher and a mother of two loveable kids in Calabar, Cross River state. I'm presently having a very serious difficulties with my husband lately. 

It all started before we got married to each other, my husband is a fidel Manchester United fan. A die-hard fan. I knew him for that and that's how he has always been. 

As a matter of fact, he can tell all the players the English Club have bought and sold in 20 years back without making any mistake. That who he was and still is, till date. 

we married each other 5 years ago, and we've given birth to two kids: Grace(4 years old) and Sharon(2 years old). Despite the fact that we have two kids between us now, my Husband doesn't want to have me around him anymore.

It all started last week before the FA Cup semi-final game between Manchester City and Arsenal FC. I've never been a good follower of football(because it's not expected of a woman) so I do my things around the house, any time my husband is set to watch football in the living room. 

But recently I had a rethink to stay with him while he watches his favourite team play. It was when I tried this twice that I began to get more interest in watching football matches.

I picked up Arsenal as my favourite Club after persuading my husband to tell me names of clubs I can support from his preferred league and, he named Arsenal and I liked it. Little did I know that Manchester City and Arsenal have match coming up. The first match I watch of my new club was against Liverpool. I was so happy that we beat the club and my husband was maybe not happy but overwhelmed. It was on that night he told me that his club Manchester City is going to play my new club Arsenal in a match. 

Little did I know that it's a knock out Championship match.

So when the day of the match arrived, which was yesterday, I dashed to finish up all my chores to join him in watching the match. But before I finish, the match had already began, and Arsenal was with a goal. I was so happy that I forgot to set the table for dinner, even when I knew my husband eats early. 

I didn't bother to ask him if he is ready to eat, I just want my club to win so I can celebrate and gift my children biscuits the same way my husband always do, each time his club won.  

And the curse of this planned plan, first half was over, I tried to discuss with my husband but he wasn't there for me. When the second half began my team scored again and I started dancing, laughing and singing.

In my husband presence, I told our children I will give them something more special to what their Dad always give and they were so happy in anticipation. 

After the match we ate and went to bed. We didn't talk till this morning. 

So this morning, as we said our prayers, my husband told me he wants me out of the house before Wednesday. I asked what I've done but he didn't give a straight answer/reason. 

My husband wants me out because I supported Arsenal against his club Manchester City. 

I really need help on what to do. 

Do you think I was wrong for supporting my own club?

Please I will need your advice.

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