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Opinion: Allegri was right see how Ronaldo has been stalling Juventus' progress since he joined

The former Juventus boss was reported to have informed Juventus to get rid of Ronaldo when he was leaving in 2019. Ronaldo joined Juventus in the summer of 2018/2019 season, and he was instrumental as they won their 8th consecutive Serie A title, the fifth under Italian manager, Allegri.

However, According to Italian outlet La Repubblica, it was revealed that in the former coach's final meeting with chairman Andrea Agnelli, Allegri informed the Juventus chairman to sell Ronaldo, saying, "Get rid of Ronaldo, he's blocking the growth of the team and the club." But was Allegri right to have said this? considering Ronaldo's records with the club.

It was revealed that the major reason for that suggestion by Mr. Allegri is that the presence of the former Manchester United forward was stopping younger players coming through and getting game time, but the chairman clearly didn't see it that way.

In reality, Allegri could be right, because Juventus' success in the past, Under Antonio Conte and Maximo Allegri himself were built upon strong team spirit. Juventus reached the champions league final twice under Allegri, but have been eliminated at the Round of 16 stage in the last two seasons. Maurizio Sarri has come and gone, though he won the league,but the major objective, which is to win the UCL, was not achieved.

Andrea Pirlo is at the helm now, Juventus are about to surrender their Serie A crown to Inter Milan. The first time they will not be winning the league in 9years. The hope of a champions league glory is long gone, having been eliminated at the round of 16 stage, and things doesn't look promising. Without doubt, Juventus progress since Ronaldo joined them has stalled or better put, is declining, because as it stands, they seems to be behind Inter Milan now, in terms of stability and direction.

The problem is not about Ronaldo's footballing ability, at least he has scored close to 100goals for the club in all competition, however, the basis on which the club success is built which used to be a strong team work, is no longer there. Juventus in the past also encouraged young players, but that is not the case anymore. Due to the presence of Ronaldo, Players like Federico Bernerdeschi, Paulo Dybala, have been reduced to brief minutes cameo.

Dybala has only made 18appearances this season in all competition.

Promising young star, Moise Kean whose goal to game ratio for the club is almost better than that of Ronaldo, has since been sold, he's doing fine on loan at PSG now, he could even win the Champions league with PSG before the end of the season.

The progress of a football club is measured by stability of the club and most times not by trophies. A team can win trophies for a couple of seasons,but might not have the perfect structure in place to the success.

Looking through the Juventus team now, they seems to be confused and don't even have a known pattern of play, Ronaldo is in the team and he's respected. So, everyone seems to be playing to his strength, everyone want to get the ball to him, and in the process some are even failing to fulfill their own potential. As seen in their game against Porto, once Ronaldo is marked and choked, the whole team doesn't seems to find an answer, a great team is characterized by winners.

Real Madrid's success during Ronaldo's time was not down to his brilliancy alone. He had the likes of Ramos, Modric, Casemeiro, Kroos, Bale, Benzema, among others. In fact in 2014 UCL final, Ronaldo only scored the last goal with a penalty, while his last UCL final with Real Madrid in 2018 saw him made zero contribution, but yet he still won the competition.

Without doubt, Ronaldo is great, his numbers are outrageous, but the whole Juventus team is not growing and that's because he's there. Juventus were better without Ronaldo and they can still do something without him. It's up to Agnelli now, if he will hearken to Allegri's words.

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