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World Football Power Ranking: Checkout The Best Leagues In Europe

We all know the 5 best leagues in Europe but do we know the sixth, let alone the 10th? There are many leagues in Europe, most of which are not as popular as the top 5. It is advisable for you to know about the top leagues in Europe. Scroll further as you learn about the top 10 leagues in Europe. 

1. English Premier League (England):

The Premier League is the most lucrative league in the world having £1 billion revenue. The only problem in the Premier League is the debt problem that many teams have. As long as the English League doesn't go bankrupt, they will remain the best league in the world.

2. La Liga (Spain):

With the way the Spanish League teams are heavily in debt, I don't think investors will think of moving there. Almost all Spanish League teams are heavily in debt. Many teams have squads capable of contending for the Champions League title.

3. Serie A (Italy):

Financial problems have flooded the Serie A in previous years. Yet, some teams have gone against all odds and have produced amazing squads. They have received incredible media attention since the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus. It is the third most successful league in Europe.

4. Bundesliga (Germany):

The German League is one of the most exciting leagues in the world, combined with their beautiful stadiums. Apart from Bayern Munich, I don't think any other German League team has won the Champions League title since 2001. They have worked hard in bringing their league to a standard level. 

5. Ligue 1 (France):

This league has been dominated by Paris Saint Germain for many years. It won't be surprising if we see other teams who can contend for the title and rip it off the hands of PSG. 

Other best leagues in Europe are:

6. Eredivisie (Netherlands)

7. Primeira Ligue(Portugal)

8. Belgian Pro League (Belgium)

9. Ukrainian Premier League (Ukraine)

10. Major League Soccer.

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