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Top 12 Shortest Professional Soccer Goalkeepers in the World (Pictures)

How important is height?

Being high is beneficial in a variety of sports - and football is no exception. One aspect of football where size matters is the keeper. Because the average size of the Premier League goalkeeper is 1.9 meters, you will no doubt have to rise above the average player to stay as a goalkeeper in the major league. Of course, there are exceptions. For example, Iker Casilla, Viktor Valdez and David Ospina almost reached 1.82 meters, but still succeeded in the big league. These goalkeepers are able to compensate for the height of those who are less fortunate by increasing response time, positioning, jumping ability, and decision making. This shows that goalkeepers who are only a few centimeters below average size can succeed with a strong work ethic. But what will the future goalkeeper do if he is significantly shorter than average? This time it takes more than just a strong work ethic. This requires unparalleled passion and dedication for this game. Let's look at the 12 shortest goalkeepers from professional soccer player Marambi.

12. Juan Olivares (1.72 m)

Height: 1.72 m (5 ft 7.5 inches)

Full name: Juan Segundo Olivares Marambio

Country of Origin: Chile

Born: February 20, 1941

Juan Olivares is one of the shortest goalkeepers who left Chile. He spent most of his club career in Chile, playing for Santiago Wanderers, Magalanes, Cobreloa and Union Espanola. Despite its size, Olivares played for the Chile national team between 1965 and 1974 and won 33 caps. He was also part of the Chilean World Cup team from 1966 and 1974.

11. Oscar Perez Rojas (1.72 m)

Height: 1.72 m (5 ft 7.5 inches)

Country of Origin: Mexico

Born: February 1, 1973

Oscar Perez Rojas, known by the nickname "El Conegio" (in Spanish "The Rabbit"), has been banned 54 times by the Mexican national team since 1997. At the age of 46, he is the oldest active player in the MX League and holds the Primera División record for appearance and career rescue. Perez also participated in the World Cup for Mexico in 2002 and 2010. He was part of the Mexican team that hosted and won the FIFA Confederations Cup in 1999. He also had three CONCACAF Gold Cup trophies in his pocket, he won with Mexico in 1998 , 2003 and 2009. He helped Cruz Azul win the championship in the winter of 1997. In 2016, Perez won the MX League final with CF After being loaned there, Pachuca helped them win the sixth championship in history. Perez was Mexico's best goalkeeper from 1998 to early 2002.

10. František Plánička (1.72 m)

Height: 1.72 m (5 ft 7.5 inches)

Country of origin: Austria-Hungary (now Czech Republic)

Life: June 2, 1904 - July 20, 1996

František Plonička is famous for his extraordinary ability to stop shooting and his acrobatic style, which earned him the nickname "Sling Cat". He is one of the most famous soccer players in the history of Czechoslovak football. He spent his entire career in Slavia Prague and helped the club win the Czech league eight times and the Mitropa Cup once. During the 1934 and 1938 World Cup finals, he led the Czechoslovakian national team and helped his team to second place in the 1934 World Cup. During his career, Plonička showed good athletic ability and was never warned about it in the match. He was awarded the UNESCO International Fair Play Award in 1985. In 1999 he was chosen by IFFHS as the best Czech goalkeeper - and the ninth best overall - of the 20th century. In 2003, he was listed as the biggest goalkeeper of an era.

9. Giuseppe Cavanagh (1.71 m)

Height: 1.71 m (5 feet 7 inches)

Country of Origin: Italy

Life: September 18, 1905 - November 3, 1976

Giuseppe Cavanagh is an Italian soccer goalkeeper who works for Pro Vercelli and S.S.C. in the 1920s and 1930s. Naples. He managed to overcome his unfavorable growth and played 151 matches in Serie A. In the 1934/35 season he had the lowest medal in the middle of the match (0.722) for Napoli - a record that lasted until Dino Zof was destroyed in 1970 ... 71 season. Cavanagh is the Italian national team goalkeeper who won the 1934 FIFA World Cup at home.

8. Ted Burgin (1.70 m)

Height: 1.70 m (5 feet 7 inches)

Full name: Edward Burgin

Country of Origin: England

Life: April 29, 1927 - March 26, 2019

Ted Burg was once considered one of the best goalkeepers in England. He plays in football leagues for Sheffield United, Doncaster Rovers, Leeds United and Rochdale. He managed to hold its small size with extraordinary mobility. This helped him to remain with Sheffield United for almost eight seasons. He made 314 appearances for him, including 281 league matches and 20 draws in the FA Cup. He joined Rochdale in 1960 and spent six seasons there. He played 207 league games and played in the 1962 Football Cup final. Burgin won two caps for England B in 1954 and was selected for England for the 1954 World Cup.

7. Teddy Davison (1.70 m)

Height: 1.70 m (5 feet 7 inches)

Full name: John Edward "Teddy" Davison

Country of Origin: England

Life: September 2, 1887 - February 1, 1971

Although Teddy Davison was too young to be a goalkeeper, he made up for it with lightning reflexes and great anticipation. He fell in the football record as the youngest goalkeeper ever to play for England. He was called to England to compete in the English home championship at Anfield against Wales on March 13, 1922, and remained without conceding a 1-0 victory. He played for Sheffield Wednesday (the only club in the league) for 18 years in a career that lasted between 1908 and 1926. Davison made 424 appearances in all competitions for him. During his career, he recorded every game he played. After this record, he played in 618 matches and conceded 810 goals. He also announced that he is a punishment specialist and saved 24 of 77 faces. Davison was chosen as Sheffield's Land eight times and toured Australia in 1925 with the FA.

6. Steve Death (1.70 m)

Height: 1.70 m (5 feet 7 inches)

Full name: Stephen Victor's death

Country of Origin: England

Life: September 19, 1949 - October 26, 2003

Steve Death secured the goalkeeper's place in Reading's first choice, even though it was only 5'7 ". He was the youngest goalkeeper in the Football League at the time, but was able to maintain his place for 537 appearances with a total of 10 years of the first team, when he first came to Reading doubted he could make up for his size, but his extraordinary energy and work ethic led him to gain the popularity of Reading fans and he was declared a player per season in his first season for the club. Death won the PFA Divisional Awards in 1973-74 and 1978-79, also collected badges for the division championship in 1978-79 and kept 26 clean sheets this season without scoring goals in English Collecting league soccer until then was defeated by Edwin van der Sar.

5. Juan Botaso (1.69 m)

Height: 1.69 m (5 feet 7 inches)

Country of origin: Argentina

Life: October 23, 1908 - October 5, 1950

Juan Botasso is a soccer player from one of the most successful soccer countries in Argentina. He began his career at Argentina de Quilmes in 1927 and then moved to Racing Club de Avelaneda, where he played until 1938. Despite his size, he managed to get a place in the Argentine national team and score a goal for Argentina FIFA in the 1930 World Cup final.

4. Jorge Campos (1.68 m)

Height: 1.68 m (5 feet 6 inches)

Full name: Jorge Campos Navarrete

Country of Origin: Mexico

Born: October 15, 1966

There is no short goalkeeper who shapes the world of football like Jorge Campos. He is famous for his colorful play clothes, goalkeeper's acrobatic style and his constant playing outside the box. He is able to cover up his shortcomings by releasing his main strengths, which are jumping ability, athleticism, and speed. He is a very versatile player and can play as a striker. Campos began his career in Mexico in 1988 with Pumas. Over time he won the position of first choice goalkeeper and won the championship with Pumas in 1990-1991. Campos won the championship in 1997 with Cruz Azul in the Primera División de México Invierno (México 1997 First Winter Division). Jorge continued his career in the United States, where he played Major League Soccer for the Los Angeles Galaxy and Chicago Fire for the first three seasons. He won the MLS Cup with Fire in Chicago in 1998 and won the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup with the same team in the same year. Jorge was extraordinary internationally, winning the FIFA Confederations Cup with Mexico in 1999 and the CONCACAF Gold Cup twice in 1993 and 1996. He also started as Mexican goalkeeper in two FIFA World Cup tournaments: 1994 and 1994 1998. Finally 130 caps were collected. He is considered one of the best goalkeepers in his generation.

3. Angelo Martino Colombo (1.68 m)

Height: 1.68 m (5 feet 6 inches)

Country of Origin: Italy

Life: May 13, 1935 - March 13, 2014

Angelo Martino Colombo made a total of 412 club appearances in his senior career, even though he was only 5 6 ". He began his senior career in 1954 with Pro Vercelli, where he played with them for 5 years before moving to Messina. He played briefly for Messina. and being later contracted by Cagliari, where he made 165 appearances for him, Angelo Martino Colombo played for Juventus from 1965 to 1968. He won the Serie A championship with Juventus in the 1966/67 season, and also made 46 appearances for Verona.

2. Francesco Quintini (1.68 m)

Height: 1.68 m (5 feet 6 inches)

Country of Origin: Italy

Born: May 27, 1952

Francesco Quintini is a retired professional of Italian football. Play four seasons (nine matches) in Serie A for the U.S. Rome. In his 1971-72 debut season he was the shortest goalkeeper in Serie A and won the English-Italian Cup with Rome in 1972.

1. Pedro Benitez (1.66 m)

Height: 1.66 m

Full name: Pedro Manuel Benitez Arpolda

Country of origin: Paraguay

Life: January 12, 1901 - January 31, 1974

Pedro Benitez played for Paraguay in the 1930 FIFA World Cup in Uruguay. In 1932, he played nine matches for Club Atlético Atlanta in the Argentine Premier League.

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