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The Cross Sign Removed By Real Madrid Has Nothing To Do With Christianity, See Reasons

They has been a lot of speculation due to the removal of the cross sign above the crown on the logo of the real Madrid football club. In respect to the recent three-year contract between the club and the National Bank of Abu Dhabi.

Many reports have allegedly stated that is due to the fact that the partnership is between the club and Islamic based bank. That is what triggered the removal of the cross symbol, while I'm not deliberating on that, I will briefly state the origin of the cross sign, so that it will be clarified that it doesn't have any ties with Christianity.

Real Madrid was founded in 1902 with the name " Madrid Club de Fùtbol," hence the MCF within the logo. After eighteen years, the Spanish King Alfonso XIII accorded the club Royal Status, and the Real meaning royal was added to the team's name, it was then also that the image of the Spanish royal crown was added to the logo.

In 1931 the crown was removed entirely from the Real Madrid logo due to the dissolution of the Spanish monarchy, but was restored back in 1941 after the Spanish Civil War ended, and the monarchy took over leadership.

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