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Meet The Dinka Tribe With The Tallest Peoples In The World (Photos)

Dinka people also known and called as "Jieng" are Africans who live in the Savannah surrounding the central swamps of the Nile basin in Sudan.

This people which are firstly recognized as the tallest tribe in Africa, and later recognized as the tallest people in the world speak a Nilotic language classified within Eastern Sudanic branch of Nilo Saharan Languages.

According to sources, the Dinka explores great diversity of dialects because of the vast geographical area that was occupied by them. Notwithstanding, this people often value intra group unity whenever enemies and adversaries arise.

Check out their photos:

According to the Telegraph, "A 1963 study of Sudanese Nilotes found average male height to be 182.6cm. An Organisation for Economic and Co-operation and Development (OECD) report, Global Well-being since 1820, notes that from the 1870s until the 1940s, sub-Saharan Africans were two centimetres taller than the world average"

Consequently, the rate at which this people gets tall increase year by years making them venture into profession like basketball with their height being the major advantage.

One of them, the late Manute Bol was a legendary basketball player and a political activist who played in the US. Is height is between 7 ft 7 in (2.31 m) which made in one of the tallest basketball players of all time.

Although, the Dinka people were regarded as one of the tallest peoples in Africa before alongside with the Tutsi people of Rwanda. Nevertheless, it is a mystery that the Dinka people are now currently the tallest in the world.However, a study revealed that a calorie-stuffed diet rich in dairy products, grains, and meat are what most of them consume.

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