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See what Bayley Told Apollo Crews After Crews Embraced His Nigerian Roots On Smackdown

Last Friday on smackdown Apollo crews embraced his new character in WWE, crews wore a new gear, and stated that his Nigerian grand father married 5 wives and he ruled a community in Nigeria and whatever he commanded people to do that exactly what they will do, he went on to say that his grand father was summarized with three words which was WEALTH POWER AND DOMINANCE. If you don't know Apollo Crews Dad is from Benue State in Nigeria his real name is Sesugh Uhaa, that is the reason for his dark complexion. After making his claims he challenged anyone to come out and have a match with him, Shinsuke Nakamura came out and Apollo Crews defeated him to pacify his claims.

After making the statement, Bayley has this to say on twitter

Obviously Bayley has fallen in love with the new character and the heritage of Apollo Crews and she wants to team with him. Maybe Bayley has also fallen in love with crews because of his heritage and feels like going home with him to see his country. Well Crews is married who knows he might want to follow his grand father by marrying more than a wife, it will be a nice welcome for those of us from Nigeria.

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