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REVEALED: What The Serratus Anterior Muscles Located At Both Sides Of Salah's Ribs Signifies.

The serratus anterior muscle, spans the upper eight or nine ribs, it is the muscle that helps one rotate or move their scapula (shoulder blade) forward and up. Sometimes it is referred to as the 'boxer's muscle', because it's responsible for the movement of the scapula when a person throws a punch. One footballer that has his own visibly crafted is Liverpool's forward, Mohamed Salah, and that signifies the extremeness of fitness level.

For him to have a visible serratus interior muscle, it signifies how dedicated he is at staying at the top level of his career till his late 30s easily, this obviously mean, he is really looking after himself. Salah does not smoke, neither does he drink, he is such an exemplary athlete, and by keeping up with these measures, he can still be ontop of his game, even in his late 30s.

No other footballer in world football has his serratus interior muscles crafted as clear as Mo Salah's, not even Cristiano Ronaldo. The 29 year has accumulated 4 yellow cards in 150 league games for Liverpool, and 3 out of them was because of him taking off his shirt to celebrate a goal.

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