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Motivation: It's Too early to give up

lTS TOO EARLY TO GIVE UP: There is no problem in falling, everyone does. There is not even an issue in missing the mark, many have missed the target over the years. 

There have been more misses in the world than the hits. The biggest problem lies in giving up and sitting back after a miss. *When you fall eleven times, rise up a dozen.* 

The cheetah misses its prey ninety percent of the time but it never chooses to be a vegetarian. 

The Eagle misses its prey at times and scoops grass in the process but she never feasts on the grass. The next moment, the eagle is hunting again. 

lf you think it can't then it won't. Think it is possible and it turns out that way. 

All defeat and all success starts off in the mind before it manifests in the physical.

Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody expects of you . Never excuse yourself! Today is not the best day to give up. Its always too early to give up.

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