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11 WWE Female Wrestlers Who Had Multiple Surguries.

Plastic surgery is very common especially among the females today. Infact it is no longer a hidden thing, many of them have come out publicly to announce it. Some of them go as far has doing two, some three or more surgeries.

Many female wwe super stars have undergo a lot of this surguries for reasons best known to them. Well they are already used to undergoing different types of surguries because of the ethics of their job.

Even most of them has done multiple surguries just to correct or recorrect their shape,/looks.

Some of them that undergo this plastic surguries are:

1. Charlotte flair

She is the daughter of ric flair, who is a one of the greatest man in wwe, and obviously she is following the footsteps of her father. In 2018 she did a plastic surgery for boobs enlargement which took her away from wrestling scene for a very long time. Recently she also twited about her recorrecting the boobs surgury which implies wwe fans are not going to see her for a very long time.

2. Eva Marie

Eva marie is one of the most sexy wwe wrestler, the red haired Eva Marie has undergo a breast implant at one point of her career, and this was showcase on total divas show as well.

3. Mickey james

She is a legend in wwe known by many. The former wwe Divas champion enlarge her breast at one point in her career, and this became a talking point when she ruputure one of them while wrestling in 2019.

4. Lita

Liter is a pioneer in women's division of the wwe who brought high-flying features in the female locker room. At a very young age, Lita had her chest enhanced so she can fit in the female's locker room.

5. Sable

She is married to brick lesner had a breast enlargement, so as to enhance her shape. She also undergo facial surgery to slow down ageing process. Although it had a side effects on her.

6. Torrie Wilson

News had it that she undergo multiple surgurey to give her hot look.

7. Jillian Hall

She was pretty to begin with, but she wasn't see pretty enough by wwe to give her a contract, She is well known to have undergo multiple surgrey.

8. Maryse

Maryse is currently married to the miz, she had a face lift surgery when she was young. Although it was a minor one it hasn't done much to her feature when she is already stunning.

9. Dana Brooke

Dana is a former nxt wrestler before she came to the main roster and has been Lost among the shuffle. She had a rhinoplastic surgery and lip enhancement. Although she was already stunning before.

10. Trish status

Trish has been known to undergo surgery to change the way she looks, she go under the knife to enlarge her breast and change the way she looks. Although she was already stunning.


She is regarded as the most powerful female wrestler. she is married with kids. Although she said she has removed it, she once had a breast implant.

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