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Top 7 Most Notable Nicknames In The History Of Football

Millions of people have nicknames which they are also known for answering. Nicknames are sometimes given to people by others, while on other occasions, the bearer of the nickname can also bestow a nickname on himself.

Footballers are not left out when it comes to having nicknames. Some footballers got their nicknames from their families, fans, colleagues, and friends. Some nicknames sound cool while others don't. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the best footballer nicknames.

1. Zinedine Zidane - (Zizou)

Photo Credit: Planet Football

Zinedine Zidane has distinguished himself as a prolific footballer and a sound manager. Zidane has become a well-known name throughout the world. Zinedine Zidane is one of the footballers who got a very cool nickname.

Zidane's nickname is Zizou. Zidane did not get his nickname by himself. Zizou was a name that was forged by Rolland Courbis and Jean-Francois Daniel. During a training session, Rolland Courbis started calling Zidane 'Ziz'. After some time, Jean-Francois Daniel started calling Zidane Zizou. Zidane heard the nickname and loved it so from that day forward, his nickname became Zizou.

2. Edson Arantes do Nascimento Pele - (The King)

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You can not talk about football without talking about the Brazilian legend, Pele. Most Brazilian footballers have unique nicknames, however, Brazilians are given nicknames for their achievements in football. Pele's nickname is the king, and there is no surprise regarding why he bears the nickname 'The King'.

Pele was one of the greatest players during his 21 years professional career. His skills, goalscoring abilities, and strength are some of the reasons millions of people think that he is the greatest football player of all time. Pele's majestic skills were one of the reasons why he became known as the king.

3. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer - (Baby-Faced Assassin)

Photo Credit: TEAMtalk

Solskjaer is the current Manchester United manager. Before he became a manager, he played for Manchester United and he is seen as a Manchester United legend. Solskjaer's nickname is Baby-Faced Assassin. Solskjaer got the nickname because of his ability to enter the match as a second-half substitution and destroy the dreams of Manchester United's opponents with his deadly striker's instinct. Solskjaer is fond of always smiling with his ever-young babyface.

4. Cristiano Ronaldo - (CR7)

Photo Credit: Sky Sports

Who doesn't know Cristiano Ronaldo? Ronaldo is arguably the greatest player in the history of football. His nickname is CR7 and it was carved out of his name and his favorite jersey number 7. Ronaldo uses his nickname in most of his branded products such as perfumes. CR7 is one of the most popular nicknames of any footballer. Millions of people prefer to identify Ronaldo as CR7.

5. Lionel Messi - (La Pulga)

Photo Credit: Sky Sports

Messi's nickname is La Pulga. Messi's nickname might not be as popular as The King, Zizuo, and CR7, but it is as special as all of them. Lionel Messi is arguably one of the best players in the history of football. His nickname is La Pulga which means 'The Flea'. Messi is called the flea because of his small stature which enables him to dribble his way out of any form of tackle.

6. Sergio Aguero - (Kun)

Photo Credit: Marca

Aguero is undoubtedly Manchester City's greatest striker. His nickname is Kun which was given to him by his grandparents. Aguero's parents started calling him 'Kun' because they thought that Aguero resembles a Japanese cave boy animal character. Kun is a cartoon character of Aguero's favorite cartoon which he watched as a kid.

7. Roberto Baggio - (The Divine Ponytail)

Photo Credit: SportMob

Roberto Baggio is one of the finest players to come out of Italy. Roberto night is not the most skillful player you will ever come across, but he has a glorious understanding of the game. Roberto got his unique nickname because of his understanding of the game and his unforgettable ponytail hairstyle which made him look different from other players. The fans loved to call him the divine ponytail.

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