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COVID-19: FIFA Cancels Football Awards Ceremony

The International Federation of Association Football FIFA have taken a logical decision to cancel the annual football gala, popularly known as The Best FIFA Football Awards. According to reports, the football governing body made this decision following the continue onslaught of the global pandemic coronavirus.

The Best FIFA Football Awards is the biggest football award gala equivalent to the Hollywood OSCARS Red carpet ceremony. An event that all football fans across the globe look forward to, every year.

The 2020 Best FIFA Football Awards gala was due take place in Milan, Italy in September, but unfortunately the COVID-19 pandemic viral spread implies that football enthusiasts all over the world will not get the opportunity to see their favorite payers and coaches pick up the 2020 FIFA Best Football Awards.

Many Football fans were visibly disappointed by the decision of the football governing body to cancel the most popular football event; but it was quite obvious that common sense prevailed in FIFA'S decision to cancel the award ceremony.

Truth be told, the impact of the global pandemic COVID-19 across all sports has been huge to say the least. Many sporting events have either been cancelled or suspended because of coronavirus.

The football governing body, have already suspended the Under - 17 and Under - 20 Women's Would Cups until February, 2021. FIFA have also moved the Fustal World Cup to 2021. The only football competition that has not been either cancelled or suspended by FIFA is the Club World Cup which is scheduled to be played in Abu Dhabi in December, 2020.

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