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Funny pictures that will make you happy today

Pictures and images are visual representation of something that has been created, copied or stored. Pictures and images speaks a lot about life.

Today we will be looking at twenty funny images that will make your day happy.

Here are nineteen funny images:

1. A year ago I decided to join a porn group to be able to preach the word of God to them. My brothers and sisters. I am now the Admin.

2. The ones you will ask questions and they will tell you they have not written anything only for them to request for extra booklet.

3. The ones that begin to think about their life once they see questions.

4. The ones that read everything but forgets once they enter the hall. Then remember everything immediately after exam.

5. I mistakenly broke my moms memory card now I have to sing ekwueme to her twice in the morning and three times at night.


7. The ones that crammed 15 topics in one night.

8. Lecture vs student

9. My friend donated 1 kidney and they gave him 2M. I came with 10 kidneys and they called the police. These people can't afford 20M?

10. Earthquake in China for 5 days but electricity still dey ON. In Nigeria once 2 birds fight on pole, BOOM!! There will be no lights for 8 months.

11. When you and your girl on bed.

12.when the class rep writes your name in noise makers list.

13. If you no get NIN, borrow plenty airtime... E get why.

Nobody dey block debtor.

14. How visitors watch TV when they see you coming with food.


16. Imagine posting something to hurt me and I don't even have data to view it.


18. When your mum buy you Naija made toy.


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