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10 Most Valuable Free Agent Signings In Football History.

In the world of football, at player to sign from another club usually cost a fortune for top clubs who want top players. Usually, these clubs would have to pay an agreed transfer price demanded by the selling club. However, occasionally, this particular arrangement changes and a player could move from one club to another for free or as a “free agent”.

For a player to move as a free agent, it means that he has no current contract with any club. Every so often, thee players deliberately run down their contract when clubs refuse to let them move away. In the end, they would refuse to sign a new one at their current club and then move away when their current one ends.

Other scenarios are that some clubs are the ones who would not offer a player a new contract while at the club. Most times, the type of issue happens with player who are old or underperforming.

However, the most exciting ones who some top players in their prime moving away free when they still have very high transfer market value. According to TransferMarkt, here are the highest valued players who moved on a free transfer.

10. Chalhanoglu.

At the 10th position is Chalhanoglu who moved to Inter Milan from arch rivals Ac Milan. The player when he made this free agent move before the start of the current season had a market value of 35 million euros.

9. Adrián Rabbiot.

Rabbit moved from Paris St Germain to Juventus as a free agent in 2019. At the time, the academy graduate form PSG was worth 35 million euros before moving from free when his contract expired.

8. Aaron Ramsey.

Ramsey is the only player on this list moved from a Premier League club. In 2019, Arsenal midfielder Ramsey moved to Juventus on a free transfer. Like all the players on this list, he allowed his contract with Arsenal to expire before moving for free, despite his 40 million euros market value at the time.

7. De Vrij.

De Bring like the next on this list moved to another club for free when his market value was 40 million euros. He was at Lazio before allowing his contact to end. He then joined Inter Milan on a free.

6. Goretzka.

German midfielder Goretzka moved to Bayern Munich from Schalke in 2018/2019 for free. His market value at the time was 40 million euros.

5. Memphis Depay.

The Netherlands international moved to Barcelona during the last transfer window from Lyon. The former Manchester United winger had let his contract at Lyon to run down, and he eventually moved to Spain as a free agent. This is, although his market value was 45 million euros.

4. Robert Lewandowski.

In 2014, one of the best “steals” in football happened. Bayern Munich secured the signing of red-hot Borussia Dortmund striker Robert Lewandowski for free. The transfer saga raised many eyebrows. The Polish striker is considered the best striker in world football at the moment.

At the time of this move in 2014, he was valued around 50 million euros. Since then, he has stayed at Bayern Munich, scoring goals, winning trophies and enjoying his football.

3. David Alaba.

Former Bayern Munich fullback David Alaba moved from Germany to Spain in the last transfer window. Widely regarded as one of the best in his position. The multiple times Bundesliga winner moved from the Bavarians to joins the capital club in Spain. When he made his free agent move to Real Madrid, his market value was 55million Euros.

2. Donnarumma.

Italian goalkeeper Donnarumma finally moved to France before the commencement of the current season. The former AC Milan goalkeeper made his move to Paris St Germain as a free agent. He and some other players where gotten for a bargain.

Note, Donnarumma is the tallest among the players in the above picture.

He had run down his contract in Italy. When he moved, he was worth 60 million Euros according to TransferMarkt. The makes him the most valued free agent goalkeeper signing. In fact, the only one in this list.

1. Lionel Messi.

Messi needs no introduction at all. His story at Barcelona is well documented. For emphasis said, Lionel Messi joins PSG on a free transfer. At the time of the deal, Messi had a market value of 80 million Euros before the 2021/2022 season. As a result, Messi is the most valuable free agent signing in history.

At the moment, players like Paul Pogba and Kylian Mbappé are in their last years at their current clubs. With Pogba's 60 million euro valuation, he will sit very high on this list if he moves for free next season. For Mbappé, his colossal valuation of 160 million could make the record unbelievable if it happens.

It remains to be seen if another world-class player with a better market value would secure a transfer as a free agent.

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