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5 Lessons Chelsea Taught Manchester United At Wembley Stadium

1. Everyday is not Christmas

Chelsea showed Manchester united that everyday is not Christmas. Manchester united had beaten Chelsea 3 times this season and they taught they could win Chelsea again but Chelsea showed them everyday is not for Christmas.

2. Specialist in the FA Cup

Chelsea showed Manchester united that they are specialist in the FA Cup. Chelsea are one of the most successful team in the FA cup and they ensured their fine record continued with a well deserved win over Manchester united.

3. Giroud is the FA cup king

Giroud once again proved that he is a specialist when it comes to FA cup matches. He showed awareness and desire to flick on Azpilicueta cross into the net.

4. Mount could be dangerous

Through out the match, Mason Mount was dangerous and he pressed united tirelessly whenever his team lost possession.

5. Lampard is a genius

Chelsea taught Manchester united that Lampard is a genius. Lampard showed intelligence to switch from his preferred 4-4-2 formation to a 3-4-3 formation. This tactical change showcased the genius of Frank Lampard.


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