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Chelsea Fan Who compared Tammy Abraham to Drogba, Diego Costa and R. Falcao, Got These Responses.

Other Chelsea FC Faithfuls, stands up for Club's Striker, Tammy Abraham.

In response to a tweet by Chelsea FC, via it's official twitter account, of the picture of the Chelsea striker, Tammy Abraham, Engr Prince John Ezenwaenyi, compared Tammy to Drogba, Costa and Falcao. He said,

"I thought Tammy would have been another Drogba, owing to his black nature. Thought he would have been one kind strong and physical striker like Diego Costa, but I was disappointed to see that even Radamel Falcao at old age is even better than Tammy."

But other Chelsea FC faithfuls didn't quite agree with him, though the striker haven't been in his best form lately. And instead of robbing his present situation in the club to his face, they stood by the striker.

In place of of derogatory statements, a fan feel the clubs present position, owes thanks to Tammy Abraham for his fourteen (14) goals and four (4) assists for the club in the EPL, since the beginning of the season. Calling Engr Prince John Ezenwaenyi, to show some respect to the striker. A position other fans hold as regards Tammy Abraham.

In my opinion, criticism should be in this manner, rather than being derogatory.

A little about Tammy Abraham

Tammy Abraham, whose full name is Kevin Oghenetega Tamaraebi Bakumo-Abraham, is an England professional, with dual citizenship (Nigeria and England). He plays forward for both England (at national level) and Chelsea FC (club side). Having a total of 16 goals and 6 assist across all competitions this season, he truly deserve your respect. 

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