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Before and after photos of a girl who had a club foot, and couldn't go to school

Indeed, God is too faithful to fail his people, he has a way of saving his people from the negative predicaments and conditions, when it gets tougher, he has a way of making things easier for you. This little girl is a testimony of what God cannot do does not exist. Club foot is not a sickness that should be underestimated, those children suffering from club foot goes through a lots of things, they find it difficult to walk, hence, they are also prohibited from wearing a footwear.

Dorcas has been in a severe pain from day one because of the terrible illness she had, she couldn't bear the pain of trekking to school barefooted which she said is far from her home, hence she decided to quit school because of her terrible condition.

As the day evolves, Dorcas was taken to Bait Cure were she had a surgery to correct the club foot sickness, hopefully, she came out successfully from the surgery, and also her greatest hindrance becomes her greatest testimony.

Indeed God's name needs to be glorified.

Source: Zambia Reports

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