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Some Football Terminologies And Their Meanings

1. Clean sheet

Clean bed sheets are lovely, but for footballers, a blank piece of paper at the end of the game is lovelier. If your team wins without letting the other team score, you’ve kept a clean sheet. This is because sports reporters used to record scores on white sheets of paper - so if yours was clean at the end of the match, that would mean no goals had been scored against you.

2. Cap

A cap is a player's appearance in a game at international level. The term dates from the practice in the United Kingdom of awarding a cap to every player in an international match of association football. In the early days of football, the concept of each team wearing a set of matching shirts had not been universally adopted, so each side would distinguish itself from the other by wearing a specific sort of cap.

3. Hat-trick

A hat-trick in soccer is when one player scores three goals in a single soccer game. These three goals don’t have to be scored consecutively or in the same style. Any player can score a hat-trick at any point during a game.

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