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3 Top European Clubs that will probably loose form next season if their methods are not adjusted

Football has been both entertaining and surprising since it's start. Due to the pandemic outbreak that happened months ago all economic and sporting activities were put on hold. Most teams and players used this opportunity to improve their stats while some did quite the opposite. Their behavior during the pandemic is now reflecting on their present performance which seems retarding. In this article we shall see the top three teams that may lose form next season if they do not adjust their management and field display.

1. Barcelona FC

This should not sound surprising to many. Barcelona has been the best team in Europe over the years but their current display shows that the old giants may be reaching the end of their reign. Their best asset Messi is already old and his efficiency in pitch has reduced. Other great stars that made Barcelona wings fly would also retire in the next 3 years. The likes of Pique, Ter Stegen, Bousquet, Suarez and many more. They should try to focus on improving the young ones before their exit.

2. Liverpool

Many people would say they saw this coming. The England giants might fall next season due to their team spirit which they are losing. They no longer have that passion to win and they are also relenting to sign potential players that can elevate the team's performance.

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