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3 Things That Have Changed About Jesse Lingard Since He Returned To Man United On Loan From West Ham

Jesse Lingard is one of the most underrated players in Manchester United. He has a thing for scoring wonderful goals. Despite all his good works for Manchester United, Lingard has been accused of inconsistency.

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In January 2021, Lingard left Manchester United and joined West Ham on a loan deal that was due to last till the end of the season. Miraculously, Lingard regained his form at West Ham.

Some things have changed about Lingard since he returned from West Ham, and this article will look at the three most important things which have changed in Lingard since he returned to Manchester United from West Ham.

1. Solskjaer Trusts Lingard More Than He Trusted Him In The Past:

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One thing that has changed about Jesse Lingard since he came back to Manchester United is that Solskjaer sees the improvement he has achieved at West Ham and he trusts Lingard more than he did before.

Solskjaer now starts Lingard in Manchester United games and he can also bring him on when Manchester United needs a savior. An example of how Solskjaer's trust in Lingard has improved could be seen when he brought in Lingard in the Champions League match against Young Boys.

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Solskjaer also brought in Lingard in the match between Manchester United and West Ham. In the match, Lingard scored Manchester United's winning goal. Before Lingard went on loan, Solskjaer would never think of playing him in most Manchester United matches.

2. Lingard's Self Confidence Has Greatly Improved:

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Since Lingard came back to Manchester United from his West Ham loan, he plays for Manchester United with a lot of swaggers. Before Lingard went on loan at West Ham, he had stopped playing regularly for Manchester United and when he played, he played with fear.

Going on loan at West Ham brought out the best in Lingard and his damaged career blossomed once again. He left Manchester like a rejected player but he returned as a king.

3. Lingard Is No Longer Scared Of Getting Out Of His Comfort Zone:

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When Lingard stopped playing regularly at Manchester United, millions of fans wondered why he has not left the club or gone on loan to another club. Lingard looked like a player who was scared of leaving Manchester United because of the uncertainty associated with transfers.

At some point, he made up his mind to join West Ham on loan from Manchester United, and that decision helped save his career. After his loan spell had ended, Lingard wanted a permanent switch to West Ham. His demand was a clear indication that he is no longer scared of going beyond Manchester United for the sake of his career.

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