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The Secret Behind WWE Finishers

WWE finishers and signature manoeuvre are things fans like seeing while watching a professional wrestling match. Moves like the F5, Spear, Jackhammer and Claymore look very thrilling, but not as effective as you think.

For instance, the Spear is a finishing and signature manoeuvre performed by superstars ; Goldberg, Edge, Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley.

The spear is an old wrestling manoeuvre developed in the late 80s with its aim to knock out opponents.

The Spear is an 100% real manoeuvre, but the Superman punch isn't. The Superman isn't a signature invented by Roman Reigns rather, it was invented decades ago.

The Superman punch is performed with the performer's hand (fist) hitting the jaw of his/ her opponent and sending them to the floor.

However, the Superman punch is sometimes considered the worst finishing manoeuvre in professional wrestling.

The reason is simply because it is effortless and also because the individual's fist don't actually hit his opponent face instead, they fall before the hand gets closer.

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