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Premier League

EPL:Premier League Table And Match Results

The English premier league is a league where different teams in England, battle for the premier league title. With this, there are very good outstanding clubs in the premier league that has carried more trophies than others.

Recently, the battle for the top four in the premier league is now the question to be answered. And this has left football club fans praying for the top four in the league.

Liverpool club still maintenance their first position after they lost against Arsenal club. Manchester City club still maintenance their position at the second place in the table. Chelsea still maintenance their position at the third position in the table, but they have only one point different from Leciester and Manchester United.

Manchester city are known for their good style of football, but they have failed to claim the first position this season. In their last meeting against Liverpool, Manchester City won the match, but Liverpool still maintained their position.

For the fourth place in the table, Leciester City club still maintenance their position at the fourth place on the table. Manchester United still maintenance their fifth position on the table. Leciester City club and Manchester United club have the same point but goal difference separate the both teams.

Yesterday's game was a very interesting one, because the battle for the top for still continues. See the match results for yesterday below.

Aston-villa club drew against Everton club yesterday. And the game was a very interesting game to watch. See the match results below.

Manchester United have greater opportunities to claim the third position in the league, because of the points and goals difference between them, Chelsea and Leciester City. In their last draw against Southampton, the club would had claimed the third position in the league. But instead, Manchester United disappointed their fans. See the results of their match yesterday.

With all the matches played yesterday, see how the premier league table looks now, below.

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