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FIFA World Cup

Who is Brazil’s best No.10 of all time? We ranked the top 10

No footballing country is more synonymous with assaulting players than Brazil who have during the time seen a's who of greats wear their renowned number 10 pullover

The shirt has been worn by a few World Cup victors and Ballon d'Or beneficiaries. 

In any case, who is the best to wear it? Ronaldinho? Shouldn't something be said about Pelé however? He wasn't really awful, come to consider it. Zico, Rivaldo, Neymar and Kaká will presumably have a comment something about that. 

10. Juninho Paulista 

An alum of São Paulo's school of greatness Juninho Paulista would broadly swap O Clube da Fé for Middlesbrough where he is recollected affectionately today, to a great extent because of two spells where he earned the epithet "The Little Fella". 

What he needed size, Juninho compensated for it in aptitude and cunning, similar to his namesake – Juninho Pernambucano – he was truly helpful when it came to free-kicks. 

Over an eight-year universal profession, he'd on-and-off convey the heaviness of Brazil's notorious number 10 pullover wherein he never let everyone around him down. 

9. Rai 

In the mid 90s, there were hardly any preferred advances over Rai, who typified that incredible São Paulo group drove by the footballing perfectionist Telê Santana, and his dominance was unequivocally shown in the 1992 Intercontinental Cup when under the Tokyo sun he amazed Barcelona's 'Fantasy Group' led by Santana's related soul, Johan Cruyff. 

This earned him a transition to Europe, with Paris Holy person Germain turning into his home, and in the French capital, they keep on singing his name and recollect the numerous amazing exhibitions. 

At global level, being the sibling of such a notorious figure as Socrates wasn't simple, yet Rai, with 49 universal tops – and 17 objectives – fashioned his own way with the Seleção which included lifting the World Cup in 1994. 

8. Jair 

It's anything but difficult to overlook how great Brazil were before their rise as a world superpower. In the prior years having a star over their peak, the football-distraught country saw their saints win three South American titles with the 1949 title especially unique as it came at home. 

The genuine article in those days was Jair Rosa Pinto, he'd pack nine objectives, a record he shares for most objectives in a solitary competition with Humberto Maschio and Javier Ambrois. 

Many were certain with Brazil facilitating the next year's Reality Cup they would at last break their duck. It wasn't intended to be, regardless of Jair's brightness. A story broadly known, Flávio Costa's side would lose the Maracanã last to Uruguay, which everlastingly spooky Jair. 

7. Rivellino 

The incomparable Pele portrayed football as the "wonderful game" and nobody encapsulated that more than his previous global partner Rivellino whose showiness was unrivaled at that point. In spite of the fact that he never developed the "flip-fold", rather idealizing it, that bit of aptitude is presently synonymous with him. 

As a major aspect of Brazil's incredible 1970 group, with stars wherever you looked, the Corinthians man shone overwhelming everything in the vicinity. In spite of the fact that in Mexico he wore the number 11 pullover at whatever point '10' was on his back Rivellino apparently developed in unmistakable quality as though the number had faithful forces. 

6. Kaká 

Kaka was the ideal assaulting midfielder and completely overwhelmed the time before a specific pair started to re-compose the book. His easy methodology won him a lot of admirers with a few champion exhibitions in 2007 acquiring him the pined for Ballon d'Or. 

He saw direct, as individual from Brazil's crew at the 2002 World Cup, what the title intended to his comrades and however he never verged on winning it during his pinnacle years Kaka in any case is really his country's last great trequartista. 

5. Neymar 

It's insane the amount Neymar has achieved in such a short space of time. At the rate he's going, the PSG man could wind up as Brazil's untouched scorer when he hangs up his boots. 

Up until now, across 101 senior global appearances, he's sacked 61 objectives, which is dumbfounding when you consider just Ronaldo (62) and Pele (77) are before him in the untouched rundown. 

In any case, this is as high as Neymar will rank, that is incompletely because of one little explanation. In contrast to the players above him, he's yet to have a champion competition execution — he even passed on Brazil's 2019 Copa America win. 

4. Rivaldo 

Any reasonable person would agree Rivaldo doesn't generally get the all inclusive love he merits — and we are not discussing a specific dramatic second. For an extensive stretch, the slender winger, however agreeable inside, was close to unplayable. 

He'd scare restriction safeguards and had an insidious cross on him. What's more, we should not begin on his staggering shooting capacity. Over a period Rivaldo was unplayable. 

His presentation at the 1999 Copa America, where he completed level on objectives with Ronaldo (five each) to share the Brilliant Boot, basically won him that year's Ballon d'Or. 

Be that as it may, it was his mix with Brazil's other 'Rs' (the previously mentioned Ronaldo and Ronaldinho) at the 2002 World Cup – in which Brazil asserted their fifth title – that everybody does affectionately recall. 

3. Ronaldinho 

At his pinnacle, Ronaldinho was the man. Nobody could bind a finger on 'Brazilian enchantment' whose daringness to endeavor the outlandish earned him an army of supporters concealed previously. 

His appearance in 2003 guided another sunrise at Barcelona and they've not thought back since. By brushing swagger and heartlessness the joker sovereign became ruler however it finished as quick as it occurred. 

There are, obviously, numerous reasons why Dinho's time at the top was brief however as the adage goes, "Tis better to have adored and lost than never to have cherished." 

Nobody will overlook the ridiculous grin and when he scored that notorious free-kick past David Sailor on the way to Brazil's fifth world title in 2002. Basically, his profession is one many would kick the bucket for. 

2. Zico 

There are not many Brazilian footballers more adored than Zico. Nicknamed "the white Pele", well before Wayne Rooney was a twinkle in his dad's eye, he was an exceedingly decent profound lying forward. 

Permitted the opportunity of the pitch Zico was the ruler and ace of football no group felt that more than Liverpool who couldn't contact him in their 1982 Intercontinental Cup standoff. 

Graeme Souness needed to check whether Flamengo's wizard could ride a test yet couldn't go anyplace close rather was left to pursue shadows. He may never have been champion – that Brazil 1982 group stays as one of the best to always lose the huge prize – yet the effect he made, as far as goalscoring and playmaking, is still felt today. 

1. Pele

There must be one. O Rei. For an age, he is the best. Pele is the standard every Brazilian footballer who wear the number 10 are estimated against whether properly or wrongly. 

He, basically, changed the game. To even now be in the discussion of who the game's main is 42 years subsequent to resigning is a demonstration of what he accomplished. 

His endeavors at the 1958 World Cup finals, when as a young person he assumed an instrumental job in Brazil lifting their first title, are still recollected. He would include two more, though didn't play as much in 1962 because of injury. For the time being, Pele – who amassed 77 objectives across 92 matches – is Brazil's undisputed most prominent ever footballer.

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