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Serie A

Christiano Ronaldo. A Player who Defied Gravity and Physics in Achieving Greatness

He Leaps and suspends in the Air. Against Gravity.

The laws of physics and gravity holds very clear, "That What ever leaps up must certainly come down," in short this law makes it almost impossible for an object to float or suspend in the Air.

For a certain Christiano Ronaldo, the quest for Greatness simply means you have to defy any law that holds against you.

Christiano Ronaldo Built at 6ft 1inch with a 30 inch vertical leap that allows him to jump above defenders to head the ball.

The intriguing thing about his leaps or jumps are his ability to suspend while on Air, a feat that has brought him Greatness in different competition.

2008 UEFA champions league final. He leaped, suspended and scored against Chelsea

Christiano Ronaldo is one of the best pound to pound athletes in the world, his physical builds as a result of consistence hard work is an added advantage to his leap prowess.

On the 19th of December 2019, he jumped 8.39 ft against sampdoria in a Seria A clash.

The beauty of the goal gets more interesting from every angle you look at it from.

He rose above everyone, suspends on the Air and awaits the ball, he Heads the ball to the net and the ball beats the goalkeeper before he arrived the ground, truly Amazing.

He jumps above everyone else, awaits the ball.

 Heads the Ball

The ball beats the goalkeeper while he is still not yet on the ground. Amazing!!

He wheels away in celebration and still leaps up.

Although their has been few head goal poachers who are amazing in the head but none in generations past or now has perfected the science of leaping to the extend that of consistently defies gravity like Christiano Ronaldo does.

He Leaps and scores for joy, whether in training or match days.

In training he still Leaps above everyone.

His obsession for perfection has made him master the art of leaping and suspending in the Air, that he could virtually score any type of Goal while on Air, from headed goals to Acrobatic and volleys. Name it and he scores it.

 Acrobatic finish While suspending on the Air. Pure Genius

Prior to his switch from Real Madrid to Juventus, he scored a world class goal against juventus that made the opposition fans at the Turin to stand on their feet and applaud his genius. It was an acrobatic goal that involved leaping, suspending on Air in a UEFA champions league semifinal against the great Buffon.

There was a standing ovations from opposing fan to mark this Goal. Legendary

What he does in the Air is truly remarkable but because he does them with so much ease, consistency and Regularities, fans most often forget to appreciate them.

Consistency and at Ease

King of the Air. Gravity and Physics defied with audacity.

It doesn't matter the club you support or who you love, Christiano Ronaldo has earned the respect of every soccer lover and he deserves our Accolades. For defies gravity and proving that their is no limit on what we can achieve if we truly believe.

Remove the bitterness and Enjoy him while you.

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