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The 6 things Real Madrid Fans Do Not Know About Their Defensive Midfielder

As a Real Madrid fan, it's understandable for you not to know everything about a particular player on the team. Especially if he's not your favourite. But Carlos Henrique Casemiro's story is different. Every Real Madrid fan and lovers of football should give respect to this incredible player. He is one of those players that had to go through the early stages of life in such a hard way. From extreme poverty, to fighting a war against sickness. The 28-year-old midfielder has seen it all. So here are 6 important things you should know about Casemiro;

1) He was abandoned by his father at the age of 5 years. Young Casemiro had to grow up without a father in the house. It happened after his father had an argument with his mother. After the argument, he left and never came back. This must have been tough for him, his siblings and his mother. 

2) The Brazilian was not from a rich home and grew up in extreme poverty. Just like most great footballers now. Football was his 'escape'. His mother had to work tirelessly through several jobs to be able to put food on the table. And sometimes before a match, he would ask if he could sleep at his friend's place. Just to get a good night's rest.

3) Casemiro originally did not start out as a defensive midfielder. He made the  decision of becoming a defensive midfielder after arriving for a trial in São Paulo. He saw lots of players in his position (forward). So he waited for the coach to ask for a role with the least players. Least players means less competition and a higher chance of getting picked, depending on how good you were. The coach asked for defensive midfielders, and 6-8 hands went up. That was how he decided to become a defensive midfielder.

4) He was diagnosed with Hepatitis. This illness almost made him quit football. He began to think of himself as a failure. The disease made him miss training and put him out of football for a while. His family helped him through this stage of his life and always gave him the support he needed.

5) With his first contract at São Paulo. Casemiro did not hesitate to get his mother a house. It was the one thing on his mind. To reward her for all her sacrifices and everything she did for him. Without her he would not have been the professional footballer he is today. So before he spent money on himself. His mother came first.

6) He had a bad reputation at Såo Paulo. When Lucas Moura came into the São Paulo first team, his salary became higher than Casemiros'. This made Casemiro unhappy. Later in an interview, he said big teams wanted him. The Såo Paulo board was not pleased with this news and even the fans got angry at him. Giving him a bad nickname, 'Cassamara'.

After Såo Paulo, the Brazilian joined Real Madrid. And became well known with the fans. But the journey of Casemiro is not an easy one. He deserves the respect. Having to go through those challenges and still fulfilling your dream. Not everybody can do that. Keep up the good work Casemiro!.

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