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Forget His Scary Actions: WWE Super Star "Undertaker" Has Lovely Family and Children (See Photo)

Mark William Calaway Popularly Known as Undertaker was born on March 1965.

Undertaker is Considered as one of the greatest WWE wrestler.

Undertaker announced his retirement and bid goodbye to the supernatural character that he and some WWE officials created almost 30 years ago. 

Undertaker is Known to be Dark, Scary and Mysterious Person throughout his Career.

However, Undertaker is Actually a polite person outside the Ring. He retired because he want to spend more time with his Children and Kid.

Undertaker has three wives Jodi Lynn from 1989-1999, Sara Frank from 2000-2007 and Michelle Mccool married in 2010 till date.

The Undertaker is a seven-time world heavyweight champion.

Undertaker started his Career early in 1987 and later Joined WWE in 1990.

Undertaker is known for his pairing with his in-storyline half-brother Kane.

Undertaker has Four Children, one Daughters and three son. Vincent Calaway the only son of Undertaker and Three Daughters Kaia Faith Calaway, Gracie Calaway and Chasey Calaway.

Undetaker's Only Son Vincent wanted to become a wrestler but later become a Freelance artist.

These are Pictures of His Lovely Family and Children.

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