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Never To Be Caught Unfresh: See Stunning Pictures Of Mesut Ozil's Wife, Daughter, Mansion And Cars.

Widely regarded as one of the best creative players the game has ever seen, out of favour Arsenal star, Mesüt Øzil is a one-of-a-kind type of player and remains a name to be remembered for a long time in the world of football. Despite the Turkish-Germans's many problems on the pitch, he is definitely living the good and expensive life off it. 

Now, did you know that Ozil, got married to former Miss Turkey, Amine Gulse last year ? You probably knew that. What if I told you his best man was Mr. Recep Tayipp Erdogan? You know him? He's the president of Turkey! Yeah right. What a way to live the good life!

The former Real Madrid midfielder is currently Arsenal's highest paid player with a mouthwatering £300,000/week salary. So much for sitting on the bench! 🙄

Enough of the talking, it's time to let the pictures speak for themselves.

Never to be caught Unfresh: your favourite big boy - Mesüt Ozil. 😍 

The German star with his adorable wife, Amine Gulse

Ozil, Amine and their cute daughter, Eda,

The German international alone with Eda

Let's leave Ozil's family and look at his London mansion located in an affluent part of North London. Now, promise not to scream. This house is worth... take a guess? 10 million pounds! Okay. You can stop screaming. ☺ 

Let's go close up. You have to love Ozil's taste. Damn!

Those lovely floor marbles. They were imported from Turkey.

The room where he hosts visitors (like me. ☺)

Meet Pau, Ozil's cute pug, Balboa

The indoor cinema which doubles as his game room. He's really good at FIFA. Don't even ask me how I knew. ☺

There's a separate room for his trainers. Oh no. The room is even finer than my bedroom. 😔 

Alright. We are done with his mansion. How about his cars? Ozil is certainly one with the eye for good, luxurious cars and he's never ashamed to falunt his expensive car collection said to be worth about $800,000. (don't attempt converting that to naira. 😉)

Did I also mention that the Turkish-German is a huge fan of German cars? Oh yes. That's right. 

Let's begin with his favorite, the G63 AMG. You remember he was in this car the day he and team mate Saed Kolasinac were attacked by robbers? You got that one. ☺

This Audi SUV is soooo 🔥

Damn! I love me Ferraris! 😍 £200k Ferrari 458 Italia

It's another one...The S65 AMG costs around £183k

Okay, I'm done.

Just one more. ☺

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