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Footballers With Most Red Cards In Their Carriers.

This article is about the football players with the most red cards in their carriers.

The red card is shown by the referee to signify that a player should leave the football pitch.

Red card can be shown to players in the pitch and also outside the pitch. It can be shown to a coach and/or coaching crew, during a game and also when a game is over and the player/offender is still in the field.

Below are the players with the most red cards in their carriers:

1. Gerardo Bedoya, he is a Columbia with 46 Red cards. He has the highest red cards.

2. Cyril Rool, he is a French player and have been shown the red card 27 times.

3. Sergio Ramos the Real Madrid Captain is a Spaniard and have been red cardded 26 times.

4. Alexis Ruano Delgado is another Spaniard with 22 red cards in his carrier.

5. Paolo Montero have received 21 red card. He is a Uruguayan.

6. Pablo Alfaro is another Spaniard in the list. He has received 18 red cards.

7. Yannick Cahuzac is the second French man in the list and have 17 red cards.

8. Felipe Melo the Brazilian have 14 red cards.

9. Vinnie Jones is the only English man in the list and have seen the red card 12 times.

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Alexis Ruano Delgado Cyril Rool Gerardo Bedoya Pablo Alfaro Paolo Montero


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