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7 footballers with disabilities, deformities, and other conditions of some kind

Football is a game of contact which needs a lot of fitness and physicality to be able to perform actions in it. 

Despite the physical nature of the game, there are still some players that played the game with some disabilities, deformities, and some other conditions. 

In this article, we list seven players in the history of football with some disabilities, deformities, and some other conditions but still perform actively in the game. 


Robert Schlienz is a German player who plays for three times for the German national team, VfB Stuttgart, and his local club, FV Zuffenhausen. 

The Wurttemberg Junior Championship winner was called upon late in the second World War, fighting on the Eastern Front before he was shot in the Jaw and was sent back home. 

Robert joined Stuttgart permanently in 1945 after first playing as an initial guest player. The deceased plays as a striker for Stuttgart in the Oberliga Sud (South) and scored 46 goals in 30 games becoming the record goalscorer in the league. 

On August 14, 1948, he lost his left forearm (had it amputated) in a car accident while he was traveling for a VfB Cup match in Aalen.

After some words of encouragement from his coach, Georg Wurzer, Robert returned to the game on December 5, 1948, against Bayern Munich and has his position changed from a striker to an attacking midfielder. 


An English professional player who plays as a goalkeeper and won 73 caps for the England national team during his 20-year professional career. 

He lost his hand in a car crash in October 1972, at the age of 34, and retired the following summer but spent the next four years out of the game before he made his return on April 1977 at the age of 39. 


Known for wearing his protective goggles, Edgar Davies is a very energetic defensive midfielder who knows how the protect his back-four during his playing days. 

The Netherland midfielder who wore eye goggles due to glaucoma suffered the eye in 1995 while he was playing for Ajax. 

Davies, 47 played for top clubs like Juventus, Tottenham, Ajax, Barcelona, and Inter Milan before retiring at Barnet in 2014. 

Before his retirement from the round leather game, Edgar Davies featured 74 times for the Orange from 1994 -2005. 


Born in Montevideo, Hector Castro is an Uruguayan player who went on to coach the national team after his retirement from the game. 

The former Nacional striker who made 23 caps for the Uruguay national team during his days amputated his right forearm with an electric saw when he was thirteen years. 

Castro who won the Olympic Gold in Amsterdam in 1928 died on September 15, 1960, aged 55. 


Manuel Francisco dos Santos popularly known as Mane Garrincha or just Garrincha in Brazil is one of the greatest players the football world has seen despite his deformities. 

One of the greatest dribblers the game has seen, the Brazilian legend is the first player to win the FIFA World Cup Golden Ball and Golden Boot award in the same tournament. 

Despite the deformities of being born with a Crooked Spine, Warped Knees, and a left leg a couple of inches shorter than his right leg, the former Botafogo winger went on to have an amazing season where he won two FIFA World Cup tournaments among other notable competitions. 


Alejandro Sanchez is a Spanish footballer who is currently playing for CD Tudelano, the club he joined after a successful season at Sydney Olympic. 

The former Zaragoza striker became the first player with one hand to appear in a professional match when he featured for his boyhood club, Real Zaragoza in 2009.  

Sanchez made history when he replaced Angel Lafita in a 3-1 loss to Valencia at the Mestalla stadium on November 8, 2009. 


Clifford Sydney Bastin is an England international who started his playing career with Exeter City, making his debut as a 16-year-old in 1928 joined Arsenal the following year.

The left-winger who was having difficulty hearing played 396 games for the Gunners and scored 178 goals before retiring from the game in 1947 because of a serious knee injury. 

Basten who is prolific in front of the goal during his days made twenty-one appearances for the England national team and scored twelve goals. 

Born on March 14, 1912, Cliff Baston left this world at the age of 79 and he is survived by two daughters, Patricia and Barbara.

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