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"Messi And Ronaldo" Which Of Them Plays Better Than The Other?

Messi And Ronaldo Who Plays Better?

 In this contemporary time, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are wonders to fans and fellow footballers. The puzzle Messi and Ronaldo who plays better is a hard one. 

Here we have 10 teammates who have played with both Ronaldo and Messi to compare the two players.

 Lionel Messi is From Argentina and he is currently playing for Barcelona, while Ronaldo is from Portugal andcurrently he is playing for Juventus.

Some players have played with both Messi and Ronaldo as teammates. In deciding on either of the two who plays better, I'm thinking that footballers who have been teammates with the two football giant will have better judgement on that.

Now let's see what the 10 player really have to say about the two (Messi and Ronaldo).

1.Angel Di Maria

For Di-Maria, Messi is the best. He said that Messi is the best without no doubt. Also described Ronaldo as a god in football who doesn't need any improvement, he's perfect in football.

2.Gabriel Heinze

For Gabriel Heinze, he said if he had to pay for only one player he will definitely choose Ronaldo, because of his ability.

3.Gonzalo Higuain

Gonzalo can't help us solve the puzzle, for him, the both players are at level.

4.Paulo Dybala

For Paulo the pair are at level. He said that that has been the case for several years.


Deco just like the above footballers thinks that both Ronaldo and Messi are at level. They are the best in football.

6.Fernando Gago

Gago said Ronaldo can't be number 1 for him. Messi is the best because of the way he moves with football and changes marches.

7.Ezequiel Garay

For Garay, Messi is the best player ever in football. He added that Messi has no limit.


For Gomes both Ronaldo and Messi are very important to football. They are wonderful. Both are at level.

9.Henrik Larsson

In Henrik Larsson words Ronaldo is a good player, Messi is the best.

10.Gerard Pique

Pique said that Messi is the best, Messi will always want to improve. He said that Messi is not human, but Ronaldo is the best of humans.

From what they said about the two players Messi is likely the best footballer of the contemporary. 

Share your thoughts, who do you think is the best player? Remember to like the page and click follow.

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