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FIFA World Cup

Reasons why African football teams fail to perform well in world cups.

Generally speaking, Africans are blessed with skilful and very talented players. African players"s contributions for their respective clubs around the world cannot be neglected. Despite of all the skilful and talented players African teams have , they have never reach semi final in FIFA world cup. Their performance in the last world cup hosted by Russia in 2018 seems to be the worst compare to the other world cup. Non of African terms were able to reach round 16. The main reason why African football teams don't normally perform well in world cup is poor administration .they don't maintain their coach.regular sacking of coaches is not good.for you to form a formidable team , you need to maintain one coach that will stay with the players in order to bring out the best from them. Remember Rome was not built in one day. They lack technical abilities compare to most teams in the world. They lack dedication when they are playing for their national team compare when they are playing in their respective clubs . Mis- management of funds is also one of the reasons why African football teams don't perform well in world cup. A labourer deserves a reward. How do you expect they players to perform well , when they have not been paid . However , to alleviate the poor performance of African football teams in world cup , all African football federation should stop regular sacking of coaches. They should also maintain good administration .

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