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Alexa Bliss Challenges Randy Orton To Intergender Match On RAW

Alexa Bliss has shocked the WWE Universe tonight, bringing us something we haven't seen in years on the main roster. The WWE tends to shy away from intergender matches, with the last one taking place in NXT as Rhea Ripley faced off against Robert Stone and Aliyah.

Tonight, Little Miss Bliss, fueled by rage, decided to face Randy Orton head-on. Alexa Bliss has been a major figure in Randy Orton's feud with Bray Wyatt, as Bliss has served as the mouthpiece for The Fiend throughout.

At WWE TLC, Randy Orton set The Fiend ablaze, and he hasn't been seen since. Alexa Bliss has continued to tease his return, though, and looked to do so again tonight.

Sitting in the ring, "Alexa's Playground" was supposed to antagonize Randy Orton a bit more. Still, the multi-time WWE Champion had other plans, leading to Alexa Bliss making a shocking challenge.

Alexa Bliss will go one-on-one with Randy Orton tonight

Alexa Bliss invited Randy Orton to her playground on Monday Night RAW tonight. However, after a few attempts to get him out, "Voices" playing and all, Bliss believed that The Viper was finally done with them.

That was until the Firefly Fun House intro played, revealing Randy Orton had once again set foot on Bray Wyatt's territory.

Orton attacked Huskus, who was minding his own business, along with the rest of the puppets. Unfortunately, he would end up tearing the head off of Ramblin' Rabbit. After threatening to burn the place down, he got a challenge he didn't expect.

Alexa Bliss laid down the gauntlet, challenging Randy Orton to a match tonight. Orton assumed that this was when The Fiend would return and accepted what he assumed was bait. We'll see Orton go one-on-one with Alexa Bliss tonight.

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