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Meet the Only Nigerian Man who once played for the National Female Football Team, the Super Falcon

James Johnson as Iyabo and the After the gender reassignment surgery

James Johnson, who was known as Iyabo Abade, was a Super Falcon player, who played in the Forward position. 

Iyabo also played in the Nigerian female league and scored a record 38 goals, while playing for Jegede Babes during the 1996 season. 

Although Iyabo was legally female, she was biologically an intersex, a condition where a person is born with both male and female reproductive organs. 

Before participation in the 1998 Women's African Championship, Iyabo’s condition was discovered leading to her eventual drop from the Super Falcon Team. 

Iyabo was to later undergo an intersex correction and gender reassignment surgery in the United States of America, which saw her make the full transition from female to full male, with a new identity and name, James Johnson.

James Johnson became a male Footballer but did not make it to the Super Eagles. 

Iyabo or James is the only Nigerian that has been both a male and female footballer.

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