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3 Rules in football you may not have heard about

One thing about the game of football is that it is not all the rules about the game that most of the fans are aware of. There are several unknown facts or rules in football that most people did not know about. Below is three of such rules.

You can not kick the ball twice during penalties

A player is not allowed to touch the ball a second time after playing a penalty without a keeper punching or hitting it back to the player. It would be regarded as a foul. However, a player can decide to play the penalty as a pass just as Messi and Luis Suarez once did in a match in LA Liga.

An external object obstruction does not give a goal

If a ball played towards the goal post is being stopped by an external object, no matter how close the ball is towards the goalposts, a goal would not be awarded. The same thing could be said of an external object scoring a goal like an intruding animal or spectator.

You can score from the kick-off

A goal is awarded if a player is able to score directly from the kick-off. This is not an everyday possibility but in any case if it happens, it will be counted as a goal.

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