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Who has the prettiest girlfriend among these super stars? See pictures

Footballers live a lifestyle that is very enviable: they are being paid handsomely doing something the majority of us are happy to do without having any cash payment on the streets, just for the fun of it. Not only are they paid handsomely, they command some of the best and biggest fan base all across the globe. These people are famous, they have millions upon millions of devoted followers, fans are Keen to know what is going on in their lives beyond the field of play. They are supported on the field, and also off it. Ladies are wonderful creatures, no matter what a man achieves or acquires in life, if he is not doing fine with the ladies, he just doesn't feel complete, ladies are like the icing on the cake to a man. They make a man's life beautiful. All the money and fame counts for nothing, if there are, or there is no lady to enjoy these things with a man. Ladies are part of the reasons every guy loves to be successful. Footballers understand this a lot, and are known to roll with some of the prietiest ladies around. And why not? They are rich and famous, and can afford to. Top players are top shooters, who hit the target on the field of play for the most part, what we want to find out is, among these sharp shooter, who shoots the sharpest with the ladies? Who has not only an eye for goal, but the best eye for the pretty chick. Here, we present to you some of these players and their beautiful partners.




Neymar, Ronaldo, Messi. These are confirmed sharp shooters on the field of play. Guess they are not doing badly with the ladies too. So who has the prettiest girl? A very difficult call, because all of these ladies are beautiful in their own rights, or what do you think?

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