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Meet the player who stopped a civil war between two countries for 3 days

This story might sound strange to you, but it actually happened. The civil war between Nigeria and the people of Biafra was halted for 3 days because of a football match.

The civil war in Nigeria was brought about the killings of the elites in Nigeria by Kaduna Nzeogwu and his comrades. The war escalated because the coup was termed an Igbo coup and the Hausa/Fulani retaliated.

This led to the killing of Igbo in the northern part of Nigeria, which resulted in the max Exodus of the Igbo from the north.

The player is the great Pele. Pele and his teammates from Santos were going on your all around the world. Pele and his teammates arrived right in the middle of the war.

For 48 hours, Nigeria and Biafra held a ceasefire, during which Santos drew 2-2 with the Super Eagles, with Pele scoring both goals and receiving a standing ovation from the home fans.

The story reached the famous Times magazine and they wrote an article about it saying “Although diplomats and emissaries had tried in vain for two years to stop the fighting in what was then Africa's bloodiest civil war, the 1969 arrival in Nigeria of Brazilian soccer legend Pele brought a three-day ceasefire.”

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