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Why do People Consider Cristiano Ronaldo An Arrogant Football Player?

Cristiano Ronaldo is perceived as an arrogant person because he is a very expressive person on the pitch, he is a perfectionist, and has a great appetite for goals. These three traits of his personality combine to form an on-field image of a frustrated individual when things are not going his way, and that of a larger-than-life attitude, which is the centre of attraction when things are going his way. Thus, someone who bases his observations on Ronaldo's nature solely on the basis of what he does on the pitch will have a fair share of reasons to consider him an arrogant person.

If Cristiano Ronaldo is actually arrogant, we will see some evidences off the pitch. Kobe Bryant, who is a good competitor, and an arrogant figure in basketball, has had a lot of friction with a number of teammates and opponents. There is no record of any teammate who had a problem with Ronaldo, if such incident had taken place, the media would have taken all the pains to make it public. Therefore, the fact that there is no such headline is a strong indicator that he does not have any problem off the pitch. Gerard Pique, his teammate, who turned rival, has only nice things to say about him. Therefore, it is a lack of deep research if one judges Ronaldo as an arrogant person based on his on-field actions.

Any footballer, manager of any sports, who is at Ronaldo's level has a touch of arrogance. Because without it they can not play well. The question is, can they control it. And people think Ronaldo unwisely reveals his arrogance when being interviewed. And Then, he will be surrounded by people telling him how great he is, that can pull one a little out of shape. And before one critiques him too much, one should consider the good things he has done or funded. He is an human, and his ability and generosity should give people reason to say good things about him.

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