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Players who never had a red card in their career

The game of soccer is a high contact sport, so it is perfectly normal for a player to cause a foul occasionally. Red cards are the worst as they implement a serious offense and almost every soccer star has gotten one. 

There are multiple reasons why a red card can be awarded, and it is hard to go a whole season without one. Talk more of an entire career. It is important to say that there are some players out there who have never received a red card throughout their entire careers. It's not an easy feat but here are some players who have never gotten a red card before.

4 Raul Gonzalez

Spain's legend Raul Gonzalez built quite a reputation for himself during his active playing days. Imagine playing and not getting a single red card. A commendable performance not to mention the goals he scored.

3 Kareem Benzema

The Frenchman has constantly been outstanding, but hasn't received much recognition for it. His plays and goals scored are outstanding, but the fact that he is an active player going sixteen years without a red card is fantastic

2 Ryan Gigs

Playing in a single league for over two decades without a red card is marvelous. Playing for Manchester United in more than 600 games. Occasionally, receiving yellow cards but always ready to put himself into the game.

1 Andres iniesta

The midfield maestro has been remarkable not just in the field but also clean sheets. Wining trophy's at both club and international level. Iniesta truly is a world class player. It is really hard to keep this kind of composure and sportsmanship.

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