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Who Is The Footballer That Scored A Hat Trick Against 3 Goalkeepers In 1 Match?

1 player, 1 match, 1 hat-trick (3 goals), 3 Goalkeepers.

Football is the most played and watched game in the world, it consists of numerous leagues from different countries and countless players from around the world, it is even unprofessionally as a sport and it has health benefits. You're about to go through one of the most interesting happenings in football history, there's a player who scored an hat trick against 3 goalkeepers in one match, this is so damning.

Who actually pulled this nearly impossible stunt?

Alvin Martin who then played for English club West Ham, is the player behind this trick, a hat trick by scoring 3 different goalkeepers in one match. This happened in match between West Ham and Newcastle. Alvin Martin was a West Ham defender then, and he scored this magnificent hat trick as his contribution to the 8-1 win against Newcastle.

This is how it happened.

Alvin scored against 3 goalkeepers, 2 of which were substituted because of injuries. This is how it played out, Alvin Martin's first goal was against Martin Thomas who got injured afterwards, then Chris Hedworth replaced Martin Thomas and Alvin Martin didn't spare him as he scored against him, it didn't end there, when Chris Hedworth was eventually injured in the same match Alvin Martin scored again when Peter Beardsley put on the gloves for Newcastle. What a magnificent hat trick, and what a jaw dropping way for a defender to score the hat trick.

Hat tricks come in different ways, and this is one of the best ways to score one, I wonder if any player will ever live up to this set record, it will be a nearly impossible task, in fact goalkeepers don't get injured so much anymore and who even scores regular hat tricks?

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