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NBA Players That Got In Trouble With The Law

Some NBA players have gotten themselves into different types of mess but these NBA players went to jail for their crimes.

(1)Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

In 2017, Caldwell was playing for the pistons, and one night after Detroit lost a game against Miami, Caldwell took his teammates out to a club to lift their spirit.

They partied till 3am and Caldwell decided to go home. He hopped in his car and drove off, heavily under the influence of alcohol. The police stopped the car and found Caldwell who was drunk, so they arrested him.

Caldwell was forced to come to the police station every week to summit a alcohol blood test, but after sometime, he stopped coming. He was confronted by the law and was sentenced to 25 days in prison but he was allowed to play games only if he wore an ankle monitor.

(2)Sebastian Telfair

In 2006, Sebastian's team had just landed in Boston, and they were their way to a game, but the police found a loaded weapon in his bag, but he told the police that he grabbed the wrong bag and the bag belonged to his girlfriend. After some investigation, it turned out that he was saying the truth, so he was let off.

A year later, Sebastian was seen driving a Range Rover with a suspended license and he was speeding, the police stopped the car and found a gun under his seat and he was arrested. He got a 3 year probation and 3 NBA game suspension.

In 2017, Sebastian and his friends were suspiciously driving a Ford F150 and they illegally parking. The police stopped them and searched the vehicle, they found weapons in the car's trunk, so he was arrested and sentenced to 3 and a half years in jail, but he got off on a $500,000 bail. He was allowed to play games but he had to wear an ankle monitor for the rest of his sentence.

(3)Li-Angelo Ball

In 2017, Angelo was going to play in a special match in China, so when Angelo and his teammates arrived at China, they decided to explore the area.

Their was a Louis Vutton shop close to their hotel, they went to the shop and were spotted stealing in the shop. The next day, the Police arrived at their hotel and arrested them for stealing.

President Donald Trump got involved and he pleaded on their behalf, he told the Chinese President to release the players, but they had already spent a day and a half in jail.

Source: REBOUND (Youtube Channel)

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