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How Chelsea Have Surprised The Bookmakers, with a masterclass 3-4-3 tactics to beat The Reds

Lots of bookmakers had prior to the Manchester United vs Chelsea's match predicted the different score-lines or what they had thought would be the outcome of the match, with favorable score-line for Manchester United. One, sounded like a prophet of doom, predicting Manchester United 8 vs 1 Chelsea.

For so long a time, after having observed how Lampard's Chelsea squad has consecutively lost to the Red Devils, I had craved that Lampard should just simply understand how to deal with the situation and get set free from the chain of Oligopnea Solskjaer.

Observing closely the Manchester United boss tactical game plan, and how he has been unbeaten against all the top4 teams this season, 3-4-3 had done the magic for him all the way. Logical, this tactic is about 5 defenders, 4 midfielders, and 5 attackers, when need be. What this simply means is that the two extreme end mid-fielders RM and LM, can switch backward for defense and, leap forward during the attack as, well when need be.

Why Chelsea can do the 3-4-3 better than Manchester United or any other team in England

I had earlier predicted as well that Chelsea would again be beaten to a pulp, by the United once more, if Lampard would be obstinate about his 4-3-3, attacking formation, and would refuse to change his tactical plan against the Manchester United.

4 out of 4 this season, the United have beaten Chelsea, except a draw at United's home. And as the saying goes, "Once bitten, twice shy". So, if Frank Lampard's men had been beaten by the Solskjaer's men again last night, many Chelsea fans would have simply called for his resignation as the Chelsea manager, because it does simply means that he doesn't know what he's doing.

3-4-3 was the master tactical plan that beat Manchester United and here are the reasons why it worked well.

1. The pacey Chelsea wingers

Chelsea's 3 attackers consist of Mount, who is very pacey, with good counter-attacking movement. No wonder, Frank Lampard had to rest him in the match against Norwich for this purpose. He was a surprising playmaker the Manchester United's player never expected or probably had prepared for. Willian's speed at being able to attack upfront, and do marking, betimes from the back was also a key factor, why Chelsea thrived.

2. The new king of Wimberley

Once, you have to give to Oliver Giroud on Sunday night for establishing himself as the new king of Wembley, after Diddier Drogba. With him, The United 3 center backs, coupled with their LM and RM were unable to thrive forward as much, as they all stuck in the same positions. 'The Fear Oliver Giroud to any defender is the beginning of wisdom.' 3. Chelsea's mid-field can do it better

Manchester United's game plan was to operate from the middle, given their formation, but Chelsea have it better in the person of Jorginho, who is the master distributor, Kovacic, who can pass, mark and hold the ball,l; Marcos Alonso, who is not new to the tactics; and James who is clinical at marking and sending across as well, connecting well with Azppliqueta.

4. Chelsea's disciplined defense.

Zouma was known to always jump even if there was no ball, but in the game against the Red devil, his acronym which means 'rock' did actually reflected in the game against Manchester United. Rudiger, a 'playful naughty boy' got serious on Sunday night, and of course, 'Mr. No nonsense, Azppliqueta.

. 5. Manchester United's fatigue

Of course, you would say Chelsea had more resting periods than they did; yes of a truth, the United exhumed all their energy against, a must-win match against the palace, although it did not change them from being 5th on the log of the table.

It will now be a battle the two London rivals, when Chelsea play Arsenals, who also beat Manchester City 2-0 on Saturday night.

Venue: Wembley

Date: August 1st, 2020.

Time : 3.30pm

What other reasons do you think made Chelsea win or made Manchester United lost, feel free to like, share and comment on your thoughts about the match in the comments box below. 

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